The Aurora World Opened New Invisible Dungeon

TIME : 30th May 2013 ThuAUTHOR : Eleanor

GBE Games today unveiled an all-new dungeon for its popular F2P fantasy MMORPG, The Aurora World. Starting today, players will face a new challenge to conquer the dangerously difficult new Invisible Dungeon.

ra World_Invisible Dungeon

The Invisible Dungeon is rich with mystery and intrigue at every turn. Its legend revolves around a once beautiful woman whose arrogance and jealousy lead her onto the path of evil. The Gods punished her by transforming into a hideous creature which only angered her, and alas she went dormant contemplating her revenge.  Now she has awakened, and players must prepare themselves for the ultimate dungeon challenge!

Gets a glimpse at the latest video featuring the dungeon at:

Players can register and play the game for free now.