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The Gate is a fast-paced free-to-play CCG & RTS blend with fun deck building, deep card evolution and RTS-styled battle control. The game features a gritty art style as it ushers all players into The Gate, a hell hole where insiders can never escape and can only fight with the hope to be on top of the misery.

In The Gate your goal is to fight and to win. In each battle you can select four cards and put them into your combat deck. The disciples (creatures) of picked cards will show up in the battlefield taking on waves of enemies. You can freely control every fighter of your small squad – draw a path to move them around, connect the wounded with the Cleric to heal, drag them to fight certain enemies and hit buttons to use skills. Control is simple and responsive, working more intuitive with touchscreen tap-n-drag on the mobile, which encourages immersion.

The Gate

Starting with your small and weak deck, you can earn a wide collection of cards, most of which are low level but can be used as sacrifice to upgrade your favorite ones. All cards are categorized into four elemental types: Wind, Fire, Earth and Water; so are enemy monsters. An Element rules over every Disciple, determining strength and weakness against those of other elements; and you can always know that you are using the right disciple when it fights enemies with orange damage number showing up. More than that, elements play another role in the battle. Killing the very types of enemies will gradually fill in the corresponding amulet with rage and when it reaches full you can unleash the elemental power – while Fire amulet directly releases meteor attack the other three elements offer boosts in your disciples’ health, defense and dealt damage.

In each battle, you will face off couples of waves of enemies and defeat the minor bosses in the last round to win. From easy to challenging, battles of the campaign increases difficulty with a small curve but works well to offer you various cards and coins to strengthen your best fighters.

You can level up your favorite squad of disciples in three ways. One is to upgrade, which means to use unwanted low-level cards to level up your targeted ones. Try to use the same element, for it provides greater Exp boost. And upgrading influences the usable skills of each card. Every five levels you can unlock a new skill for one card. Then, another is evolution that will increase a disciple’s max level and enhance its stats. To evolve is more difficult than simply upgrading, because you need to gather the right group of material disciples. And still another is to use Devil’s Blood to raise a fighter’s HP, Atk, Def and other traits. You can’t gain Devil’s Blood via single campaign but need to fight and win battles in the Arena. In addition, you should regularly level up the unlocked skills for each disciple and don’t waste the three slots.

Battling though maps in the solo campaign is a little grinding but necessary to earn Soul coins, cards and items like Captus. Soul coins is required a lot in many aspects such as leveling up skills, fighting battles in Arena and all three types of card enhancement. Besides the cards rewarded by winning battles, you can capture more disciples with Captus. Similar to tickets, Captus allows you to play a matching mini-game trying your luck to match 6 pairs of cards within 20 seconds. Of the 12 cards, there is a pair offers five extra seconds if matched and so you can get up to 5 disciples if you match them all.

As you move forward in the campaign you can also take your squad to compete with other players in the Arena. By automatch system you will be pit against an opponent. Battles in arena play similar only more head-to-head with one round of competition. If you win you are rewarded with devil’s blood and other items that can’t be gained in campaign. You can see the matched opponent’s squad of disciples before fight and if you don’t want to fight with him/her you can choose to re-match but have to spend Gold Coins, the hard currency in the game. As it always works, gold coins offer various advantages like instantly finishing skill leveling up, buying rarer disciples and winning advanced Captus and so on. Pay to win? Yeah. But you can still have some fun in the battle of campaign, arena and raid events and in the deep card enhancement.

The Gate can be played on multi-platform including iOS mobiles and web browser via It is Whether you have three minutes in front of desk or on the go, you can fight a quick battle in The Gate.

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