The Gate

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The Gate is a new RTS/CCG hybrid that sends players down an underworld to fight some infernal battles! Collect some powerful cards, summon the creatures out of them and send them into breathtaking action.

The Gate

A special blend of strategy, action and cards, the game seamlessly combines the hand-drawn cards with action-packed strategic battles. You will capture card-based monsters, train them and assign equipment, evolve cards to become stronger, and unlock powerful skills to build a strong deck. You can horn your skills and grow your decks in the solo campaign against the legions from hell until you are powerful enough to take on the Epic Bosses. To spicy up the challenge, you can always start a fight with friends and thousands of other players in Raids, Arena Battles and World Bosses.

The Gate will amaze you with its beautiful artworks, dazzling skill effects and grand battles with hellish fire. It is developed by the veteran Spicy Horse Games and published by Mobage Inc..

It is completely free-to-play! The gate to a hellish world is open for you.