The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth

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The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth is a free-/fun-to-play multiplayer RTS game created by Kabam for Android and iOS. Inspired by the Hobbit series, this title takes players into Middle Earth and into chaos and conflicts among dwarves, elves and globins. To answer to the call of Gandalf, Bilbo and Thorin, players in the game will build and take an army to pacify the Goblin threat in the Misty Mountains while struggling in the feud between the two races.

Kingdoms of Middle Earth

To begin with, players will select to join Elf or Dwarf race, each with its own distinguished buildings, troops and quests. The choice of race doesn’t influence the core gameplay of construction and expedition against goblin hordes, but decides a player’s standing in the PvP battlefield.

Kingdoms of Middle Earth offers fairly conventional gameplay in the same vein with a classic strategy title. Players as leaders will build and rule their own elven or dwarven city, constructing and upgrading various structures with specific functions, managing resources and training strong troops to raid the land of Goblins. Tuned to the Hobbit storyline, players are able to meet Bilbo, Gandalf and other signature characters from the movie here and appoint some of them like Legolas and Thorin as heroes to lead the army. To conquer enemies including both globins and the other race, players can and need to forge diplomatic alliances with others across Middle Earth and coordinate their joint forces to achieve the grand goal.

With the good story telling, polished artwork and solid strategy mechanics, The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth is great and fun. Fans of multiplayer RTS may want to check out this one. It’s free-to-play.