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The Incredible Corpse is an exciting horror-comedy Action game from the creator of The Walking Dead Social Game: Chronicles and CSI: Crime City.

The game subverts the common humans vs. zombies confrontation but places the undead into the heroic role tasked with the mission of rescuing humanity. In a distant future, the alien conquered the earth and stolen all brains to power their technology. Humans turn into zombies who want to get their brains back. And the very Incredible Corpse is on such a mission.

The Incredible Corpse

Players in The Incredible Corpse will control the very undead with simple tap and drag controls and help him take on alien enemies, destroy the alien base and get back all brains. The game consists of several chapters each with a series of levels varied in settings, enemy types, traps and challenges.

The Incredible Corpse is a special blend of action, stealth and puzzle genre. It is designed for iPhone, iPad and Android devices and slated to release in the end of this November. At launch, it will provide the first chapter for free and Chapters Two to Six for a price of $4.99, with more updated regularly for sale.

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