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The Last Stand: Dead Zone

The Last Stand: Dead Zone
  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: ConArtist
  • Developer: ConArtist
  • Genre: Strategy, Social
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The Last Stand: Dead Zone, the forth installment of the Last Stand series, is an upcoming zombie-themed survival strategy game on Facebook. In it, you act as one survivor who is stranded in the desolate city, manage to survive with water and food, shelter coming survivors, arm with weapons and gears to kill the infected and seek some revenge on zombies. The game entered the first beta on the Feb. 21st, 2012 and would in the phase for some time before the finally release.

First Impression: The Last Stand: Dead Zone (beta)

All starts from the character creation. We just pick up one avatar out of several slightly different options, choose skin tone and hair color and then we are good to go. After a journal-like brief account of the current situation, we are in our compound, the base of operation.

There is a tutorial-like screen popping up to teach the basics. Just following the guidance, we know of the five resources, build couples of structures, welcome another survivor (NPC) to arrive and defeat the first wave of the infected.

Five resources are of two types: wood, metal and cloth are for construction, while water and food is vital for survival. Construction plays like usual: each building takes up x-amount of grids and can be placed anywhere there is enough space within the compound; and completion takes time but can be sped up at the cost of Feul (a premium item). And it’s really sweet to have lifted the usual limitation on building slots and demand on free labors. Only if we have enough resources and meet the requirements can we construct one or more buildings as we want.

We have our first helper, namely, a survivor, pretty easily like a free gift, but have to make the compound progress in terms of water&food supply, comfort, security and morale to attract new survivors to come. Survivors can be assigned to different roles listed as Fighter, Recon, Engineer, Scavenger and Medic (as of now). Each role has its advantages and disadvantages. Fighters are best in combat but slow in movement while Recons low in health are great at ranged combat and move really fast, for instance. Once assigned with a role, the survivor can take missions, helping in battles and clearing work. Of course, if you want to get more survivors quickly, you know, Money (e.g. in-game Feul) is always ready to talk and help.

The first battle against the infected is easily won. And after that it seems to take long time before another invasion happens. The compound is under protection for the first 6 days from attacks of other players. But it will be removed if we provoke a fight against rival compound in the city.

After that, we are on our own. There is no quest line to lead us step by step in progress. We need to find things to do by ourselves. And there are a lot to do. Clear the rubbish scattered everywhere in the compound, work on defense for greater security, and build/upgrade various structures for resources, comfort and morale. As mentioned before, construction doesn’t require laborers. We mainly work to clear up the space with our helpers and we are given the choice to freely pause or resume a certain task. Different activities get us different rewards, primarily of xp and sometimes of small amounts of materials/resources. Level up is slow at least in the low levels with limited survivors to help and resources to consume.

The Last Stand: Dead Zone, as seen from now, really has great potentials. Developers cleverly marry the zombie-survival theme to the strategy gameplay, and thusly introduce a new layer of  depth to dig. During several hours’ play, I know something about the game, but want to know more about what is likely to come. What will happen when the food and water that can only support one more day runs out? Will those buildings built outdoor be open to the attack from zombies or other rival players? Is there a chance that I can expand the compound? How the social elements will be rendered? It’s not hard to find the answers: just keep playing. And I will.

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11 Comments on The Last Stand: Dead Zone


  1. Manuel says:

    how do i attaract a survivor because i already have the requirements ?

  2. Andrey says:

    you have to complete requirements not only in stats but also in the buildings they need. look the box below the morale stats.. got it?

  3. FiFo says:

    i have a problem 'cuz my game just crashed ;/
    a big lag is in it and nothing happens – but IM ON MISSION!
    what happens when people get infected? ;/

  4. AgosBuffy says:

    love this game…

  5. khaji says:

    i enjoyed the beginning of the game where i can continue doing missions consecutively, but once you get further in it takes so much time for survivors to become available again its kinda lame i end up closing the browser to find something else to do until they return. its like have fun not playing the game see you in about 4 hours… i see a reason behind it taking time to return while out in the city but still. i would like it to be playable for more than 5 min before another several hour wait.

  6. The guy who is sad says:

    Games fucking terrible. Facebook has ruined it yeah its fun but the waiting/ and buying fuel is BS Game would do so much better if it was better 3D had a single player version and had a simple item mall instead of having to buy facebook credits then have to buy fuel with those. Simply Con has went to the side of money hungry.

  7. pier says:

    Agree. The idea is good and don't actually mind the waiting but paying REAL money to buy fuel is total bullshit especially for a beta version.

  8. Zombeguy says:

    Ha-Ha – We want a game for FREE, We don't want to give game developers any incentive to do any additional content updates, We want everything to work perfect and flawless, We want a Flash based game to have as good as graphics as any high end game would have but with zero lag and no glitches, We don't want some greedy gaming company to make any money and they should do all this for FREE.

    I think that pretty much covers what most everyone wants.. Wait for it… Wait for it…
    And if the developers do not abide by our demands we are going to stop playing – LOL

    I think this sums up what the problem is between developers and players.

  9. Jerry Funk says:

    hay dead zone Game creators I have a complaint all my warriors are wounded & I cant find any med tape grade 3 ive looked in every hospital & warehouse that ime able to access you guys need to fix this cuzz I was loving the game but its not fun to play if your team is seriously wounded please fix this



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