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The Repopulation

The Repopulation
  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: Above&Beyond Technologies
  • Developer: Above&Beyond Technologies
  • Genre: Sandbox MMORPG
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The Repopulation is an upcoming sci-fi sandbox MMORPG slated to enter open alpha testing in June of this year. The gameplay takes place on the planet of Rhyldam, new settlement for mankind to survive. There a strong, hardy species Lesoo poses as death bringer but man manages to live on due to the tech of clone. However, disputes on the exact use of cloning arise leading to the civil war between the Free People’s Republic (FPR), the collection of outcasts, and One World, One Nation (OWON), the original governing council. At the brink of extinction of humanity and an open war, players as second-generation clone colonists embark on adventure.

Although in-game back story pits two factions against each other, players will in fact experience the unique THREE faction PvP – players can join either nation (OWON or FPR) or form their independent Rogue Nation, similar to Guild yet acting as an independent faction in PvP. Each nation will build their own city by constructing all forms of structures such as Walls, Turrets, Workshops, Houses, etc. to benefit own citizens and the nation. And there will be city siege wars.

Quest line is added to keep everyone occupied as usual, yet rendered epic in scale to differentiate itself. In addition, events (via the Engagement system) will randomly generate, and develop quite differently (evolve, spread or mutate) based on players’ response.

Combat is tweaked with some nice touches. Players can switch between two combat modes, Action mode or the traditional PRG mode; accumulate Momentum to activate powerful abilities; and encourage teamwork by creating openings for allies and so on. Moreover, boss monsters can select different abilities due to the ability generating system; as result, battles against them will be more flexible calling for quicker strategic response and closer teamwork. And vehicle combat is included.

Non-combat activities are also provides, allowing players off battles to craft advanced items, customize equipment to fit personal style, and so on. Players can have pets, more than one and more than one type. Players can have the usual tamed and raised animals, built or bought robots, hired NPCs or even genetically engineered beings.

The Repopulation blends sandbox and theme-park mechanics to create a full-fledged gameplay. It’s still being developed and getting better.

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