The Supernauts



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The Supernauts is an upcoming 3D sandbox MMO by Finnish studio Grand Cru that will be seamlessly merged into cross-platform including Facebook, browsers, mobile and tablets, etc. once released later this year. It’s backed by a 2 million USD fund and really ambitious to be the best ever. And it will be free-to-play.

The Supernauts

It’s a superhero world and a less violent one. Players in it will create their own super heroes with cool mind in general. To punch back is the not way of resolve conflicts here; rather, players will arm with zapper-like gear to build or destroy structures and solve puzzles of various types to get things done.

The Supernauts is described as a mixed Minecraft, LittleBig Planet and Habbo Hotel with a theme of superhero. By Minecraft, it refers to the gameplay which allows players to creatively build hideouts, puzzles and levels block by block and share with each other, finally turning the whole world user-generated. Colorless it is not, though. You can enter and enjoy a colorful, bright world in cartoony style. There are pre-made contents for players to engage in, but more interesting is that players can create and share, which certainly make the world breathing and rich.

The Supernauts is planned to release in 2012. Currently, the registration for a private alpha is live at the official site. Interested players can sign-up and bet for the chance of first sneak peek of it.