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The Time Tribe is a kids-friendly point-and-click adventure game playable on the web browser. The game mashes up time-travel adventure with puzzles, mini-games and quests, and it tells a compelling story full of suspense and mystery. It is designed specifically for youngsters as they take on four different children roles to embark on the adventure through time and space.

“Four children, a wily bird, a devious enemy, a mysterious manor house, a magical key-ring, and an elevator that travels through time. Will you get lost in the sands of time?”

The Time Tribe Review:

It’s not the usual fully animated games where youngsters can take up different roles to hop, run or battle. Instead, The Time Tribe is mainly based on point-and-click, quietly brilliant with its compelling story and well-integrated mini games, puzzles and fun quests.

The Time Tribe starts with a comic-styled silhouette that displays the background story. Four children (Lewis, Iris, Will and Kate) are gathered in an old mysterious Mansion by their common Guardian and the owner of the property Dr. Cole for a reason nobody knows. From the unwillingly sharing a room to working together solving myths, the four little guys will become friends and help each other out with their special abilities in the adventure.

The Time Tribe

You don’t play one other role but all these four characters in turn. Alongside the stimulating story, you will shift between the four roles, unfolding their own quests which are cleverly interwoven with others. Will breaks an ancient Roman mosaic, and Lewis has to find his journal and then fix the broken pieces; Iris pursues the wily bird to find food for it and returns with cookies for everyone. As you explore deep into the story, you will learn the personality and ability of each child and make them a good team during adventure.

Point-and-click is the basic of the gameplay. To complete a quest, you usually need to travel to and fro between different rooms in the Mansion using the elevator, each presented in a static scene. With the simple control, you can talk to people there, search with a magnifying glass, or interact with various objects to accomplish certain goal – fumble to get the object you need or add them to your collection for further use. And there is the voice-over during the whole process of questing.

It’s a mansion full of mystery. It has an elevator whose button panel contains way more buttons with mysterious emblems than a five-floor building should have; and strange things happen around all the time. Initially inside the mansion, the quest will soon take all four to exotic places by the mysterious time-travel as they uncover myth, search for clues and solve puzzles. Once you have finished the first several missions, you will be able to switch them in-between freely, making use of their special abilities and own inventory of collection to complete certain quest.

One annoyance in the game mechanic is the short loading screen that pops up every time you switch locations. That interrupts the consistency of the adventure a little bit. Another is the set-up of Chronos, similar to energy, which are required of a set amount to take some actions during quests. So it’s the pace-setter and the line to separate free and paid gamers. You can wait for the Chrono bar to refill over time or purchase packs of them instantly with Ingot, the premium currency. As usual, Ingots can give paid players a variety of advantages like exclusive quests, hints for certain mission, or extra choices in the dialog box.

The Time Tribe looks somewhat dated in its point-and-click mechanics, but it offers great audio and visual effects and, most importantly, an enthralling story to bring life to the static gameplay. It’s an aberration from the mainstream family-friendly games. It gives you the feeling of reading an adventure story while being part of the myth-solving episodes. It’s a wonderful experience…

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