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Znyga has a big Ville family, which is still growing bigger. Not only are new members of ChefVille announced and FarmVille 2 confirmed, another revised Ville, The Ville, which is a modernized version of Znyga’s older title YoVille, is unveiled at Znyga Unleashed 2012 and scheduled to land on Facebook on June 27th.

The Ville

The Ville offers a simplified life for you: make an ideal home and socialize with people. There is not a particular goal to achieve, nor any competition to win. With a large modern store in the game, you can build up a house, comfy and luxury, which may make visitors wow. Who wouldn’t want a unique home with personality in it. Yet, you need to keep the greed at bay in case that it ruins the good taste and renders your home into just a gliding house.

Relationship with other people is another important part of gameplay; otherwise, it will be a pity to put together a home with efforts yet without audience to admire. The Ville is an attempt to deepen and diversify the social elements in games. Invite others to your home and pay visits to theirs; meet acquaintances and make friends; and expand your social circle and engage in more possible activities together. And the romance of love is not left out. Find your better half and make your home full of love.

The Ville, your another home and world.