The Wolf Among Us

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The Wolf Among Us is a horror thriller RPG based on the Vertigo comic book series Fables. The game draws inspiration from the rich resources of the original comic books and extends the rich lore and harsh universe to violent and gritty gameplay.

The Wolf Among Us

In The Wolf Among Us you will enter the role of Bigby Wolf, the once most feared big bad wolf and now the Sheriff of Fabletown, and investigate the brutal murder in town and the impending greater threat behind it. Faithful to the original work, the game will feature a full cast of characters and creatures from folklore, fairytales, myth and legend in a unique gritty and mature art concept.

Choice-and-consequence is at the core of the thriller. With every decision made, the story may extend to a unique turn; and based on the way you act – let the inner beast roar or keep it in tight restrain, you get different response from the many characters around. It is not only your choice and action that matter but the timing of an act also affects how the story unfolds.

The Wolf Among Us is developed by Telltale Games, the creator that made the 2012 megahit The Walking Dead, Back to the Future: The Game and Law & Order: Legacies and more. The game is, like the comic books, a series of five episodes. With the initial launch, the first episode ‘Faith’ is available with the other four coming in sequence by schedule in 2014. Diving into play now offers you a wonderful experience to be in the events that will be seen in the first issue of the comics! It is available at the App Store for $6.49.

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Key Features:

  • A five-episode Thriller series based on DC comic book series Fables
  • A bloody and dangerous world with the gritty cast of characters and creatures of lore, myth and legend
  • Choice-and-consequence game mechanics: choose your action carefully
  • Becoming Bigby Wolf to have a thrilling and unique adventure
  • Entering and playing the brand new events even before the first issue of comics comes out
  • Rich storytelling, maturely crafted graphics and deep immersion