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Threads of Mystery

Threads of Mystery
  • Release Date: July 2012
  • Publisher: Playdom
  • Developer: Playdom
  • Genre: HOG
  • Official Site

A manor with a lost uncle gets you to Rooms of Memory and World Mystery, and itch for adventure brings you in Grace Brown and Lost Legacy. Now, another hidden object called Threads of Mystery tasks you the mission of finding the murderer of your aunt.

Threads of Memory

Restore her old fashion shop to increase the spirits of her spirit, and unlock more scenes in her memory to search for clues of the murder. Yes, Threads of Mystery is structured with the conventional progression, building boosting searching. You need to add various structures, each of which costs certain slivers and increases the Spirit of certain amount. As the spirit bar is filled, you can unlock new playable scenes.

In the Fashion Shop, you only start with a small room, with surrounding areas covered in blue fog. You need to dispel the mist to unlock more space and find some items such as drawing tables required in quests. Some of the structures, found or bought, need to be repaired to use by Friends or Gold (the soft currency). To expand costs sliver and Charm, which is earned occasionally by playing scenes or gained by asking friends or Gold. The friend-invite and ask-friend portion appears early in the game. It’s a game that you’d better have friends to play together; otherwise, you will spend real money in it if you want to go on playing.

With regards to the bulk of searching hidden objects, it is just conventional. Find the listed objects at the bottom of the screen, use hints (with cool down) when stuck, and get scored based on speed, precision and combo to win Stars (up to 4). It offers quite a lot playable scenes under the theme of retro Fashion Shop, Theater and daily life. Scenes are beautiful and crowded with various items, while some scenes are difficult than others. Repeated gameplay is still part of the game – you are frequently asked to win x stars or find an item (as a clue) in a scene. By playing scenes, you get sliver that is spent on construction and various items to drive on the plot of murder. As usual, you need to have enough energy to play, 10 points per game.

The plot of finding clues of the murder threads all the separate scenes. You need to find a series of items that recall Aunt Rose’s memory while visiting the places she worked or frequented and interacting with the people she socialized. As part of the story, some quests may ask you to do something relevant to access to certain scene, such as designing and making a cocktail dress for yourself to attend the theater. Such quests usually take certain time to finish, during which you can replay the scenes for xp and sliver if you don’t have anything else to engage.

Threads of Mystery is a conventional hidden object game in the pattern of progression and storyline. It doesn’t have much new to provide, but offers solid and rich gameplay which HOG fans can enjoy for quite some time.

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