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Throne Rush

Throne Rush
  • Release Date: Oct. 2013
  • Publisher:
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Official Site

Throne Rush is a new free-to-play casual Strategy game designed for multi-platforms including iOS, Android and web browsers via Facebook.com. With a fantasy setting, the game places players in the land of Adergran to fight for the crown of the realm.

Throne Rush

Throne Rush is a blend of real-time strategy, tower defense and social interaction. If those elements sound familiar and piece together to strike you as games like Clash of Clans, your hunch is just true here. When Clash of Clans makes a big success as a different version of the traditional strategy games, a bunch of followers emerge quickly in an attempt of claiming a share in the popularity. Throne Rush is one of them, same in the core and different in details.

In the game you build and upgrade various structures that expand your abilities and army. Resources, defense and army units are the most important parts closely associated. You grow resources in your land, protect them from being stolen with strong defense, and send army units to loot more from other bases owned by real players or NPC enemies. As return the resources gathered will support the construction of the village, recruitment of soldiers and fortification of the base. They share weal and woe.

The battle fought in the much-known tower-defense style. You select soldiers from various types, choose the landing point for them and then release a proper number of them to the battlefield. Once they are launched, they are on their own attacking nearest structures to loot resources and never come back. In a battle, you can only decide whether to support them by sending more units but can’t guide their movement or set target for them.

You need to constantly recruit soldiers and reinforce the base defense. While the enemies in the single player campaign don’t seek revenge, the real player opponents do. You attack their base and steal their resources and they will do the same to you. As to multiplayer cooperation and competition, you can have it all when you get the Brotherhood-related structure built in your base and find your allies to help each other out in battles and boost one another’s development in the base.

For players with past experience with Clash of Clans or games like it, you can get into play immediately without any trouble. Throne Rush is solid and fun with the strategic battle and good graphics and animation. Its weakest point is the great similarity with the C game. When everyone has the original, why would they want a copy?

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2 Comments on Throne Rush


  1. jeremy says:

    Can't get as many builders as players who have been playing for a while. Major disadvantage

  2. Carlo Macua says:

    free gems for me for the one builders of my throne rush..gems. pls.



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