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Tiger & Chicken is a thrilling 3D adventure Action game featured with intense hack-n-slash of console quality. Set in a colorful, stylish fantasy world, the game stars a young orphan chicken that rises to rebel the merciless Terracotta King to break off the shackles burdened on his tribe while looking for his lost love.

Tiger & Chicken starts with a cinematic storytelling with full voice acting that instantly immerses you in the role of the seemingly weak chicken yet with hidden power and courage. As the plot develops, you will meet your soulmate Ting, have a little adventure together and then be forced apart by the evil spider that drops you down a deep pit. Under the ground, you bravely take on several groups of enemies, set free a water spirit and draw upon its power of shield to make through a river of lava, and find your way to a Shaolin monastery. Life makes a turn there.

Tiger & Chicken

You learn Shaolin kungfu in the monastery and thusly embark on a heroic journey. Tiger & Chicken unfolds its story via the quest line and maintains the interactive storytelling through the whole game. You will find a plethora of missions to engage and by completion you level up your characters, gain coins to purchase equipment and earn skill points to unlock new abilities and elemental powers. While tasks cover the familiar fronts like skill learning and combats, they are all naturally integral of the whole picture and carried out in a unique interactive style. You may chase a fire spirit to the roof of the temple and learn the special skills from hidden tablets of lore collected from the forbidden hall, or you venture into the dangerous dungeons battling monsters in search for the clue of your love.

The game offers a really clean and crisp interface with a virtual joystick control and several simple skill buttons on the scene while stashing the quest log, the skill tree, the elemental power and the character equipment behind the Chicken icon. While you want to check out any of them, a simple tap will reveal the corresponding screen. You will have more than 50 interactive and challenging quests to complete. And these quests will lead you into a rich variety of battlegrounds from dangerous dungeons to lush forest and to astral plane where you battle various monster and the epic bosses.

Action-packed, fast-paced combat makes the bulk of the gameplay. Driven by the storyline, you will fight dozens of unique monsters across the many maps and five super powerful bosses and enjoy the sensational hack-n-slash with various dazzling skills, cool combos and intense challenge thanks to the intuitive control and gorgeous visual & audio effects. Battles with minion monsters are great leveling up training field for you to fully develop all three skill sets before you pick a fight with the final bosses. With gained skill points level by level, you can distribute them on Attribute Skills, Shaolin Skills and Elemental Skills, each with its own sub ability chain to unlock and develop. A combined Attack, HP and combat-fueling Chi are the foundation of your other abilities; Combos, Focus, Whirlwind and Swooping Eagle are the four primary directions of all Shaoli Skills; and Fire, Water, Earth and Metal are the additional four elements that empower you in different aspects and help you through tough circumstances in some missions.

Tiger & Chicken contain four distinct episodes varying in landscapes, enemies, bosses, etc. and invariably polished to the details. All maps are designed with interactive environments: smash some objects to gain extra treasure, interact with some strange stuff to get surprise gifts and try to kick the big bell in the imposing temple – guess what happens? Yeah, it reverberates with grave echoes! While exciting action is a golden core, the polished work extends to the very fine details.

Tiger & Chicken can be played in three difficulty levels from Hard to Normal and down to Easy. Whatever is your skill level, you can enjoy this game at ease. You get the first chapter for free tasting the console quality hack-n-slash and then have to purchase the rest three episodes to continue the adventure. Currently, it offers a limited time offer with each episode for $2.99 and greater discount for the whole package for $6.99.

Tiger & Chicken is an awesome adventure/action game, maturely crafted in the graphics, actions, story, interactive environments, the full voice dialogues and orchestral soundtracks. Simply put, it is epic and worthy a recommend of download without doubt.

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