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Tiger Knights (known as “虎豹骑”in Chinese) is an epic 3D oriental MMORPG featured with massive, strategy-driven battles and a non-mainstream eastern world back in the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China. Inspired by the legendary troop of TigerKnights, a group of elite cavalries in Chinese history, the game brings players back to famous old battlefields and revived the exciting cold weapon collision and tough battles on the horseback.

Tiger Knights

Tiger Knights utilizes high performance Unreal 3 engine to render the grand realistic battle scenes that support up to 100 vs. 100 players in factional war. In Tiger Knights players assume the role of generals of different warring states building army and leading troopers to victory with great leadership and strategies. From basic one-on-one duel to 64-against-64 confrontation to the large-scale 100 vs. 100 factional war, there will be a wide array of battle modes putting commanders’ mettle and strategies into test. And the diverse unit types and restraint relations in-between as well as the varying terrains of battlegrounds create a huge level of strategic options and great immersion.

Tiger Knights – Key Game Features:

  • Enter an Oriental World: Tiger Knights takes place in the Three Kingdoms in ancient China that is brought to life with vividly rendered time-marked cold weapons, battles on the horseback, character images and the entire architecture features
  • Build Formidable Army: Recruiting all sorts of army units is only the first step. As generals players also need to constantly train troopers and continuously battle to unlock technologies that extend powers in weapon, armor and new units.
  • Fight Massive Wars: Different battle modes are incorporated to set a big level of options for commanders whether it is to fight one-on-one duel, way up to 64 versus 64 scenarios and engage in massive 100-against-100 confrontation.
  • Employ Strategies: The strength and weakness of every unit, the rock-paper-scissor counteraction among them, different battle formations and varied terrains, and diversified moves (attack, block, charge, spirit focus, etc.) to take – all these deepen the dimension for quick thinking and tactical maneuvering before and in the middle of a battle.
  • Relive Famous Battles: Guandu, Chibi, Yiling and more ancient battlefields where epic war was fought are recreated in Tiger Knights with true-to-history terrains based on historical materials so that players can not only fight both naval and land battles in distinctly themed maps but also recognize and resonate with the living history in combat.

Note: Tiger Knights is now under development at the internal studio of NetDragon and has been greenlit on Stream. Stay tuned for further coverage.

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