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Tiny Castle is a free casual hybrid game that blends breading creatures with story-driven adventure. Set in a fantastic land, the game tasks you with the mission of raising magic creatures to defeat the evil Queen while rescuing your swirled-away buddy friend. Follow the inviting storyline and set off on the quest.

Tiny Castle is not a completely new game of a kind, but it has some trappings to captivate casual breeding/building fans with its unique blending of your favorite bits and pieces. In the game, you start off with your family estate, mostly covered in evil fogs, where you can capture and hatch magical creatures of various types and draw upon their strength to drive away the evil. While the first two creatures are easily gained in your garden, you will have to explore outside to find more species later on.

Tiny Castle

The variety of in-game magical creatures is plentiful and generalized in six types based on their home – Sky, Garden, Forest, Volcano, Desert and Beach. When you get an egg, you need to take time to have it hatched and place the baby creature at its own suitable homes. Afterwards, you feed it with its favorite food, which you grow and harvest at your farm, tuck it into sweet dreams at Dream Tower, and take care of it till it grows up. Not only will these adorable beings regularly produce Coins for you, they can be mixed to give you new hybrid species you can never find outside.

You need to explore as well, clearing the fogs and uncovering various ruins. Exploration allows you to access to more lands, get space for more and more creature homes, and gain benefits from the unveiled ruins like wish well. You will also reveal different enemies, too. Once you have built the Courage Keep, you can take on those Queen’s minions and kick them out of your land. It’s fairly large map where you need to take some time to turn every corner. Once you dismiss the fogs near you castle, you can cross the river to experience expedition in Volcanic landscapes, confronting different minions and uncovering different secrets.

To speak of building, there are only four types of functional structure except the various types of homes for creatures. You need to upgrade the Castle to unlock more that can be added to the land. But that takes a great amount of coins and Magic Dust. Time rules. Hatch, grow, wish, build, upgrade, tuck-in, etc. – almost every action takes time to complete. Although it’s a land full of magic, it is not magic but Jewelry that bends the fabric of time. You can use Rubies to accelerate any time-consuming project to finish it immediately.

A light-hearted game for casual players. For fans of pet-breeding and role-playing exploration, Tiny Castle offers a journey of adventure worth recommendation.

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