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Toad Rider is a super intense and challenging game for people with split-second reflexes, machine-like focus, and nerves made of steel.

Toad Rider

Help Zody the Toad escape from a group of evil scientists in a far away lab. Your escape journey will be action-packed:

  • Move swiftly with your hoverbike around tricky obstacles.
  • Take down evil scientists before they shoot you!
  • Dash into glass walls to survive.
  • Perform cool, amazing stunts.
  • Experience awesome dynamic lanes.
  • Pimp your jet. Pimp your toad.
  • Compete with your friends on Game Center and Facebook!

Got what it takes? Download Toad Rider now! (available for iOS only)

Toad Rider – Game Info:

  • $0.99
  • Released: Feb 05, 2014
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 53.0 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Abdullah El-Sayed
  • © 2014 Elektron Games

Rated 4+