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Total Domination

Total Domination
  • Release Date: 2011
  • Publisher: Plarium
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Official Site

Total Domination is a free-to-play sci-fi strategic MMO that has been out in the market since 2011. It contains the core of managerial empire-builder and strategic warfare and manages to bring something new to the familiar tactical board. With its solid strategic essence and sci-fi skin, the game has accumulated around 17 million registered players worldwide dated.

In-game background story plays an insignificant role in Total Domination. The game starts straightforwardly without it and thrusts you, the Commander of a separated Sector surrounding by shambles, in front of the very essence of this world – build and battle. A bellowing General will meet up with you and walk you through the basic mechanics in his gruff voice. If you don’t like the voice-over, you can turn it off; and if you do, you can keep it on and even re-run to hear it again. Following the tutorial, you will get a hang of the bulk gameplay quickly and easily.

Total Domination

You will start with construction in your small Sector. Resources go first before army. You need the three basic resources – Uranium, Titanium and Credits (similar to taxes) – to support the development of the base in almost every front from construction to research to recruits of soldiers. With resources produced, you can keep building the base in full throttle – set up labs and centers to research various techs that either enhance the troops or activate new contents, construct many different military facilities where you can purchase infantry units, recon drones, armored corps, artillery and air forces respectively, play diplomacy to find allies and support each other in many different ways from exchanging resources and modules to send reinforcement forces in wartime, and set up a strong defensive line to protect your precious resources against invaders.

The common designs in construction such as limited building slots and queues, time for completion and optional boosting feature are implemented here too. While you waiting for a project to finish, you can always occupy yourself with battles outside.

You can take out hostile AI enemies first to learn the war, warm up for the competitive gameplay and finish quests for Crystals and Exp as rewards before jumping into the PvP battles. While you directly attack NPC foes most of the time, you can command your soldiers to carry out different military moves including Recon, Raid and Invasion with the right types of army types. Those are what others can do to you once you are out of the low-level protection. Being raided makes you lose resources, and being invaded is worse in that you will continue losing resources after the battle until you liberate your base from the intruder’s control by defeating him at his Sector. Call for reinforcement when against stronger opponent and use diplomacy to reduce the casualty.

Total Domination is available on the web browsers via both its official game site and Facebook. And it indeed integrates social elements to the gameplay in an interactive approach. Invite friends, form alliance, reinforce allies’ army in active battles – all that you get from other strategy titles are implemented here as well. And you can expect more. Allies can exchange resources and modules (for research) and even work together in the lab to conduct researches, in which way you can get extra modules. For larger scales of war, there is the clan option for hardcore gamers who can gather for grander goal.

The game is free-to-play with micro-transaction supplement. It monetizes via Crystal. Surprisingly, it is generous in the premium front by rewarding Crystals frequently in the completion of quests. You will earn much more than you usually do in other games of this type, but you still need to spend wisely – don’t waste them in accelerating a time-consuming mission, for instance – as you will need them a lot in purchasing soldier and war machines and giving them a edge over opponents.

Construction, Combat, Diplomacy, Tech and Trade make the pillars of Total Domination and make it a solid, stimulating mid-core strategy game.

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