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Tower of Elements 2 is a fresh and fun real-time strategy & puzzler hybrid game that uniquely blends several favorite genres together. Have you ever been fight tower-defense battles with match-3 skills? And did you ever make important decisions that influence the culture, story and even battles of your kingdom in city building? If not but desire to, Tower of Elements 2 is your game!

In Tower of Elements 2 you will get a rich and deep experience out of the unique combination of familiar concepts. As Leader you will build and grow your city and rule your kingdom. Construction of structures, resource management and workers, recruitment of troops, crafting gears, research of spells, etc. – these basic city-building elements are all included. What’s fresh is the decision-and-consequence mechanics in the policy-making. A strange purple fungus is invading the city but hasn’t affected crops yet – what will you do about it, destroy it, ignore it or study it? A local bandit notoriously difficult to capture has been terrorizing the countryside but you may have located his wife and infant son – what is your next move, hold hostage to get the crime, directly send the capable to catch him or be sympathetic and contact him to head up a new anti-crime division? Events like that will occur and choices you make will influence the story and culture of your kingdom.

Tower of Elements 2

As the story unveils, you will need to safeguard your kingdom from the invasion of the Void Army. Battle is fought in a special way: you match 3 or more elemental runes of the same color and then the towers of the same elements will fire bolts to deal damage. While the pure tower defense genre is generously under mid-core, with match-3 even more so, it is a delightful surprise to experience the escalating outcome of the combination, challenging and fun especially with the diverse match-3 board with special frozen, locked and corrupted runes and the tough Bosses in the battlefield.

Key Features:

  • Deep City Building: build your kingdom in one of three distinct regions: the temperate Mitralon, desert-surrounded Ta’Raekhet and the jungle Katayvan, each with its terrain and strength; construct and upgrade 8 structures, grow population, recruit and train workers and troopers, craft gears, manage resources and research spells;
  • Decision Matters: special events occur to influence four culture traits of the kingdom: Martial, Druidic, Republic and Elemental; multiple choices for every special event; your choices will determine where the story goes, how the culture of the kingdom is cultivated and even the outcome of the battle
  • Special Match-3/Tower-Defense Combat: defend your kingdom from the Void Army with match-3 skills and a variety of towers, barriers, troops, explosives, spells and so on; moreover, random quests are offered occasionally during battle, which rewards bonus awards upon completion
  • Tough Boss Fight: 10 strong Bosses with unique and challenging skills show up to put your strategy and skills in match-3 and tower defense to severe tests
  • Bestiary: collect scrolls from defeated enemies and summon & experiment upon that enemy type in your bestiary; enjoy some wicked fun by “tormenting” the captured foe

Currently, Tower of Elements 2 is under development, almost completed, at Frogdice Games and running a Kickstarter campaign. This is the second crowd-funding raised by Frogdice who has successfully delivered their first – Dungeon of Elements – in the same way. In fact, Tower of Elements 2 already funded 100% of its $10,000 goal within 26 hours, which is a testament to the greatness of the game. If you love the game concepts, support it to reach many stretch goals and help it to become greater. With $10 you can get a digital copy of ToE2 when it is released in March 2014 with free updates in the future as well as a free Steam Key when the game is Greenlit.

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