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Towers of Mystoria

Towers of Mystoria
  • Release Date: May, 2013
  • Publisher: mintflow Games GmbH
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Official Site

Towers of Mystoria is an addictive free-to-play strategy game that just hit the scene on Facebook. The game is the first seamlessly combined tower-offense and tower-defense, blending many of the popular concepts from typical strategy and tower-defense titles to present a rich, diversified, tactical gameplay in a casual, cute style.

Towers of Mystoria is set in the fantasy realm of Mystoria, a beautiful land that boasts diversified landscapes from dark woodlands to dangerous mountains to icy tundra but suffers from the constant harassment of the goblin hordes. Serving for the King, you will help defend the land and the people while initiating attacks to eliminate the annoying creatures.

Towers of Mystoria

Building a camp and exploring the world map are the two major components of the game and connected closely to support one another. You will develop your camp to gain various units and resources that are needed in the war; and you go outside for war where you slay enemies to collect drops and spoils that in turn can be used in the camp or to boost its development.

Resources and units are the center in the camp. You need resources to maintain the development and upgrading of the camp, and you can’t go to war unless you get the many units unlocked and trained. There are 14 different units in total, each unlocked in its own specific building and taking long time to be brought to the next higher level by research. Initially, you can only have 2 of each type of unit, which can be increased only when you upgrade the unit-specific buildings. And you have to train the unlocked units frequently, because you can’t return unscathed from a battle even if you win – the casualty of units is the cost of victory.

Every project – build, train, research, produce, etc. – in the camp takes time, generally long, to complete. While waiting, you can lead your available units to the world map, pushing back the invading goblins or take out the dotting bases of the enemy. So, making through the numerous nodes on the map, you set off on the quest of defense sometimes and of offense in other time.

In the typical tower-defense mode, you can take up to four unit types (with another two slots unlockable by using Rubies, the premium currency) to the battlefield and position them on the designated spots out of a few available options. The unit type, positioning, attack range, enemy types and the timing of repair or upgrading towers – all of these are factors that should be taken into account to fight a tactical battle and triumph. When ready, you can hit the Start button with nothing else to do but watch the waves of goblins to drop dead under your smart plan or break your firepower passing through to the end of the map to reduce your Lives and then finally announce your defeat. When it comes to the tower-offense, it is relatively easier than the offense as you dispatch several units to slay enemies blocking the way and reach to the end of their map to win.

Besides dispatching units, you have several extra help with great power that can even turn the tide of the battle for you in emergency. Once you unlock and train the magic-series units, you will get powerful spells to cast which usually unleash area-of-effect to rid a group of enemies in the midst of a battle. And once you constructed the Alchemy building in your camp, you can use collected materials (drops of the various goblin in death) to create several special stones that, once placed to the battlefield near your fighting units, can power-up your units within range in a particular way –make them attack faster, expand their attack range, cast a shield over them or something the like – for a limited period.

There are two currency in the game, Gold and Rubies. Gold is the soft currency that can be earned a lot from different aspects and spent in great amount as well. You can harvest them from your Great Hall in the camp, win them by destroying enemies in battle and gain them by completion of quests or level-up. Meanwhile, you need a lot of gold in almost every project in the camp – even removing a blocking twig (for more space) consumes a lot gold – and in the battlefield when you place, repair and upgrade towers. As to Rubies, you can only gain one with per level up; if you want more, you have to purchase them with real world cash. As usual, they are of great help offering a bundle of advantages from quickened game pace to easy access to hard-gained items in the game.

Towers of Mystoria is similar to Under Siege, another tower-defense title on Facebook, in the core concepts, but differs from it and other tower-defense titles in the artwork, game structure and diversify of in-game missions and gaming modes. It has a reasonable game pace, challenging levels and rich content that can keep mid-core players entertained for a long time.

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2 Comments on Towers of Mystoria


  1. Tay! says:

    I am a Player of Tower of Mystoria. And I find it is a well put together game. I would rate this game 2 1/2 stars out of 5. I find the game flows well. But the cost to upgrade your building or units is way extreme for the amount that you gather from in game without purchase with real money. Also the Gems, that will bankrupt you. The cost for stock is 1000 wood or stone for 25 gems which costs 40 cents per gem to use for stock, while 25 gems cost $5 US. And you will need to buy 10,000's of units of wood or stone to even upgrade a building. It costs to much. even for a free to play game.

    • bobbybobbobbobX72 says:


      You can place woodmills or stone quarrys to produce wood and stone respectively for 100 gold. Game is pretty entertaining, 3.5/5


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