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Township, as suggests in the title, is a social game that is about the construction and management of a town. In it, you have a lot of work to do: plow lands to grow plants, construct houses to increase population, build factories to progress raw material, sell products and trade with others, enrich the community service and make the town a prosperous and happy place.

You may have known the city-building genre well and find most of the in-game activities not that unusual. Township is based on the proven game concept but manages to take one step further in terms of graphics, animation and especially the big role of Factory-style buildings. Yet note that, you enjoy the game to hearts’ content only if you have lots of friends playing it as well or you would like to exchange money for comfy.

In-game activities are rich and endless. Alongside the quest line, you farm, build, process, sell and trade. There is no need to elaborate in the planting, harvesting and selling crops, fruit and vege. The interesting part, the one that greatly make the game special, is that you can build a wide range of different factories and then process the raw materials into more profitable products. So there is kind-of an assembly line. You first grow wheat and harvest it, for instance, then make flour out of it in the Mill, and finally turn flour into bread in the bakery. With earned coins, you can develop the town, adding more structures and expand to take up more squares.

It’s really great that you are not limited by the usual Energy bar. You can simply stay busy in the game as long as you like. Of course, there will be moments when you have to wait for the sowed to ripen or construction to finish. But these moments don’t impede as much as the one-step-before-completion projects do. That’s where the game taxes heavily on those who don’t have friends playing this game. Buildings in the categories of Factory and Community require several types of materials like glass or metal in certain amount to finish. But you normally don’t have them all so that you either ask for friends’ help or directly buy them for real money. And both factories and community-related buildings are really important for the town’s population, economy, and thusly overall development. Money or Friends, you have to at least have one at hands; otherwise, you can’t go fast and far.

Township has solid and satisfying gameplay with its rich quests and rich graphics. Only if you have friends in the game can you really play it for a long time and have a good time.