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TrainStation is a free-to-play time-management Simulation themed on trains. From the very beginning of the steam power to the super-modern maglev trains, the game takes you on the rail to play the history of railroads as you build your railway empire from the ground up.

You start off with a small railway station in front of the marvelous Mount Rushmore with only a couple of railways and steam trains. Following the instruction of an NPC you learn the basics of the management including assembling a train by combining different locomotives and wagons, constructing buildings to add passenger income, loading trains with goods, passengers or mails to dispatch them to various destinations and expanding of the train station in multiple aspects. The tutorial is simple and quick; once you walk through it you are left in total charge about the train station and its further expansion.

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TrainStation does not integrate the usual quest line system. So less mandatory missions and more freedom in play. Without quests popping out constantly, you decide what you want to develop the station by yourself but still need to act within certain restraints caused by the limited resources and the setup of level-locked contents. Set trains to deliver mails, passengers or materials towards different destinations that decide the travel time and profits to earn coins, Exp and all kinds of resources, required in station level-up and expansion – that’s what you have to do a lot in the beginning of your business to accumulate capitals and resources while unlocking more locomotives, wagons, buildings, extensions and decorations via level-up.

The initial phase of growth is slow and time-consuming, but you will see your progress with the increased trains and streets as well as increasingly stored resources of all sorts. While setting trains to get coins and exp is a major chore for development, you have several other tasks to tend to while waiting for your train to arrive or return: collect the envelopes popping out every now and then, decorate your station up with tons of options, buy and build different buildings to boost passenger number, serve trains and expresses that stop by at your station, and visit friends to help take care of their trains and mail packages to get extra gold and mail.

Although there is not a quest chain, the game provides certain guidance and rewards with the Achievement feature based off those tasks and chores mentioned above. Completion of tasks like collecting/delivering 1000 mails, taking care of 100 wagons or transporting 2000 passengers reward you with packs of resources needed in purchase, construction and expansion.

As you progress through levels, you will unlock new features from different types of engines to varying themes of the station to available buildings. Railroad-themed, TrainStation includes a great variety of locomotives and cargon/passenger/mail wagons that represent the different eras from the initial steam time through diesel and electric to the maglev. Along with your toward-modern trains you also get a rich ensemble of themes for your station as well as constructions, ranging from the meadow and harbor vista to orient and Nippon feature. While the choices are plentiful, some are exclusive to gems-expending players.

Other than the gold and various building resources, there are Gems, the premium currency in TrainStation required for a quicker development. You can spend Gems to get extra train slots or streets that are otherwise purchased with a great amount of gold you may need hours of play to earn. And the national flag engine, special wagons and locomotives, gorgeous themes like snowfall, night mode and international metropolis and more are only reachable with gems. So a free-to-play title as it is, it gives great advantages for paid players.

TrainStation is the latest title from Pixel Federation, the publisher that brought popular online games like Diggy’s Adventure and Emporea. Now TrainStation of version 0.189 is available to play on Facebook and allows you to save your progress manually.

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