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Transport Empire is an upcoming business simulation & strategy game from the leading mobile and social game developer and publisher Game Insight. Inspired by the Victorian Era and a slice of steam-punk, the game takes you back to the 19th century building your own massive transportation networks in a beautiful fantasy realm.

Transport Empire

You assume the role of a budding entrepreneur in Transport Empire ambitious to achieve something big in a vast country in need of transport on land, air and seas. With initial capitals and endeavor you build your own transport empire from the ground up constructing roads and mines, connecting transportation networks and managing the logistics of structures. There will be all kinds of vehicle from locomotives to steamboats to airships to unlock, purchase and dispatch. With progression you can turn the backwaters into a bustling economic power.

You also have adversaries and rivals in the business circle and need to watch out for their wicked schemes against you in development. As you develop your businesses you will also meet a full cast of energetic and charismatic characters who can be your helpers in the further growth. With the arrival of new characters, there will be a series of new quests available blazing new paths for development. With over one hundred of missions in the ever expanding quest line, you can enjoy the sims and strategy of Transport Empire in both short bursts and long marathon session.

Transport Empire will be launched first for iPad and then for iPhone, with Android and Facebook versions also planned for future release.

Transport Empire – Key Game Features:

  • An all new economic strategy game inspired by Victorian Era and some Steam-punk elements
  • Develop massive transportation networks, build tons of frontier cities and manage the logistics of building
  • Unlock and dispatch a rich variety of vehicles of three categories: locomotives, steamboats and airships
  • Meet a cast of charming characters with unique life stories
  • Uncover mysteries, recover lost treasures and hunt for a legendary phantom train
  • Earn respect and love of the locals while avoiding the sinister machinations of enemies
  • Detailed and fantastic graphics

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