Traverse the Ruins of Time———Chaos Rage S7-Bragi Is Coming

TIME : 10th Oct 2013 ThuAUTHOR : Eleanor

Chaos Rage takes Boyojoy staff half a year to develop,It is a flash-based blockbuster MMORPG & SLG boasting stunning visual effects. It adds elements of hero nurturing and city building construction to a full-blown turn-based system. The background story centers around Norse Mythology and puts players back to the chaotic and heroic times of Ragnarok.

Chaos Rage S7-Bragi

Ragnarok, as prophesized by the prophets, is wreaking havoc on the Nordic Land. The gods are doomed, and in death they shalt dwell. The darkened sun, the bleeding oceans, the crying mountains, the inundated land, the falling stars, the burning Asgard-the ominous picture unfolds as foretold. In the darkest hours, Odin and other Olympians exhausted their last breath to crack an opening in the vortex of time and sent you back to Elysian City a century before Ragnarok, your journey finally starts!

Ever dreamt of being a savior? Wielding a giant sword and fighting with Viking warriors? Or crossing the vast Nordic Oceans and befriending legendary Gods? Your time has come, hurry to join our new server, and divine glory shalt be yours. Chaos Rage S7-Bragi is expecting your participation!