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Treasure Epic

Treasure Epic
  • Release Date: July, 2013
  • Publisher:
  • Developer:
  • Genre: puzzle
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6waves has brought a series of popular social games to Facebook from the simulation Forbidden Garden to the TV adaption Spartacus: Vengeance to the puzzler Bubble Epic. Now it is getting a new title called Treasure Epic under its belt, a sort-of sibling of Bubble Epic and another immersive puzzler for casual fans.

Treasure Epic takes us into a treasure-hunting adventure as we follow and help three explorers – lady Dora, grandma Clarissa and baby Alice – of three generations in the journey using wits to clear block groups of different colors.

Treasure Epic

The game is easy to pick up with its simple rules. Basically, you click on groups of two or more blocks to clear them and try to achieve the specific goals of different levels. Gain a required point, remove certain percent of blocks from the board, and collect specific number of treasures – you need to accomplish any two of them to pass a level generally. Despite the limited variety in the level objective, you will experience a diversified gameplay with varied design in blocks, many available boosters and the changing background sceneries.

As in most games of this type, you will play an increasingly challenging puzzler as you pass through levels and maps and will activate a rich array of booster items and the three female characters. With progression, you will get into larger and more complicate boards with special blocks such as cages, iced bomb and spiders, obstacles, treasure chests and webbed tiles and you will get access to a bundle of helpful power-ups like drills, beamers, explosives, blasters, wire cutter, etc.. Special blocks need to be cleared in specific ways, while the different boosters can help solve tricky puzzles from time to time.

Puzzles play differently. Sometimes, you have by your side one of the three characters (after you unlock them), whose special items can be charged by clearing blocks and unleash great power to facilitate your performance; sometimes, you have limited moves to reach your goal and you need to notice the different moving direction of the newly appearing blocks. Normally, you won’t meet much challenge in the first two maps where you will travel through smoothly with won coins and stars. Yet it gets difficult when you try to finish the third. You will experience the loss of lives. As usual, you can choose to give up and try again, or exchange some Diamond (the hard currency) for a chance of a narrow escape.

In-game artwork is beautiful and inspired by a motley of myths and children’s books. There are the Valhalla Jungle, the Alice’s Wonderland in the dark style, the Egyptian themed land, the icy realm of Poseidon and more. Each map is depicted around a different theme, incorporating typical elements – the rabbit with its waistcoat pocket and a watch, the tea party and the poker-laid path in Alice’s Nightmare map – and drawn in great details. Moreover, each theme also infuses the play board. In corresponding maps, you will collect theme-related treasures, which enhances the entirety of the gameplay.

With its polished sceneries and puzzles, Treasure Epic is solid and wonderful. It provides a lighthearted and engaging adventure as you follow the three characters in their journey through mythological and fantastic lands. Casual fans, especially puzzler-loving players, won’t want to miss it.

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  1. lucille says:

    how do you activate the coins! To use them

  2. ANFEL FOULA says:

    bonjour, pourquoi treasure epic est remplacé par un autre jeu ?



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