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Trucks and Skulls NITRO is an exciting and addictive physics-based puzzle game for iPhone & iPad. It is a masculine edition of the super popular Angry Birds series and designs a special dark fantasy artwork with its burning monster trucks, leering skulls and post-apocalyptic world.

Trucks and Skulls NITRO has a straightforward start with a simple tip about in-game control. Drag the monster truck to adjust speed and angel, release to let it rush to the skulls, and tap to simply speed up or unleash the special stunts of the truck. The basics plays just like Angry Birds, but this time you lunch nitro-powered trucks to get the hidden skulls turning them into a puff of green smoke.

Trucks and Skulls NITRO

With a low-key tone, Trucks and Skulls NITRO designs the entire dark fantasy world. In the game you will dash your truck to break through or completely destroy the shelters to get the giant skulls that vary in layout, building materials, barrier design and explosive placement, etc.. From single elements to sophisticated mash-ups, the game starts mellow but goes exciting and explosive very quickly with the appearance of hit-and-booming TNT barrels, engulfing Lava, Rubber, tough Demonwheels, wood and steel blockers, and the mystic alloy Indestructium forged of pure evil and simply indestructible and more. While the shelter becomes pluralism, it doesn’t necessarily become tougher. A fair part of the barriers can be used to your advantage. As long as you find the break point, you can send only one truck to annihilate all.

In each level you have 3 monster trucks to use that may be of the same type or hybrid. Starting off with the basic and light monster trucks, you can pass levels and gradually unlock another six unique trucks with their special stunts and performance. Of them, the heavy super-semi Doomstone can unleash Endo smash power and deals high damage to smash both concrete and steel; the light Bombzilla arcs high above the fray and drops bombs to clear a ground; the one-man rocket Diveosaurus is particularly effective infiltrating through narrow cracks to herald death; and the Triclops rains missiles high in the air while fuel-loading Insanerator explodes on a hair trigger.

To smash all skulls secures a pass of a level but extra points are rewarded with skillful play. If you use only one truck to get all, deal outrageous damage, or destroy the entire ground, you will get corresponding bonus points in Truck Damage, Spare Truck and Total Annihilation and have a great chance to gain full four cogs and coins. From time to time, a level will pose Gold Challenge as well, which offers you extra coins if you can successfully pass the level with four cogs. And coins are the only currency in the game useful in purchasing extra bonus-giving sick Trucks like the Goth Truck that sucks more points out of everything you destroy and the Hot Rod that speeds up all of your trucks for tire melting launch speeds. Moreover, you can spend gold coins on Cheats that allow you to pass a tricky level directly.

Trucks and Skulls NITRO designs 7 distinct episodes, all with the dark theme, which challenges you to go from Hell’s Highway through the Haunted Wastelands, Industrial Armageddon, the Moor, Demon Town and Iceopolis to the explosive climax in the Truckylvania dark forests. Each episode contains 40 odds levels to go through and offers endless fun.

Trucks and Skulls NITRO is an addictive and stylish puzzler. While the Angry Birds style play is not new, it does brings a unique touch with the brand new metallic art concepts and map design.

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