Turn up the Heat on Steam with M.A.T!

TIME : 29th Mar 2013 FriAUTHOR : Eleanor

Toronto, ON – March 28th, 2013 –  SubaGames and Mission Against Terror (http://mat.subagames.com) are heating up the competition this month on Steam with our entry into GreenLight!

Mission Against Terror has set its sights on Steam.  With its outrageous gameplay, such as hunting down mummies, fighting ancient dragons and other monsters, shootouts with monkeys and a selection of both serious and hilarious game items including antique rifles, cake grenades, ninja stars, chain guns, water guns, and more, M.A.T has something to offer the FPS crowd that no other games do.

Mission Against Terror

We are taking the game to the next level of fun, by providing a tailored experience to different types of gamers.   We have tactical PvP Modes, a wide variety of PvE content for Free Prizes, a crafting system, new maps clothes and guns coming out every month, tons of weapons to suit your play style as well as design preferences.  Dress up as a pirate, a thug, a panda, or an assassin droid, these are just some of the many choices you have to make your character stand out!  Not only that, but we actively work with the community to make the game better, one example is through contests that involve player designed weapons and  player feedback on our active Facebook community.

In addition we have a marriage system that allows you to marry literally anyone in the game, regardless of their gender, a first for an FPS and even rare among other online games.  Team up with your partner to earn special rewards.   In addition, we are working hard to bring you new co-op PvE experiences, so bring your team together and conquer the upcoming Snake King Mode, that will push you through traps, monsters, lava pits.  Battle it out with the boss while dodging a sand twister.  Looking beyond to the future, we will add a pet system to our game, another first for an FPS.

If you’re tired of the same old predictable gameplay, the same old suit you’ve worn in every game and you wish to relax and have some fun, then come vote for us on Steam Greenlight.  We are here to provide users with a good time and you really never know what to expect from our constant content updates.

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