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City-building, role-playing, action, strategy and social – each of them independently is commonplace in games of different genre, yet all of them together are not usually seen in one single title. And the unusual One is coming now titled Tynon, a free flash-based fantasy web game.


Tynon is hybrid; that’s obvious. How are the aforementioned elements blended together; that’s a question. Described as the “first truly story-driven social web game”, storytelling plays an important role that threads all pieces together perhaps.

In Tynon, players step into the role of knights who must help an elite knight Rosaline rescue the enchanted King by a dark wizard and save the thirteen kingdoms from the dark magic. There is a fantasy story to usher players into the journey of adventure through 100 levels, when they travel the realm, battle against monsters, collect and upgrade heroes and farm resources and loots and so on. Besides adventure, each player needs to build, upgrade and customize his/own cities with earned gold, gems and resources from quests. And socialization is closely connected to the city-building in that players get resources by visiting friends’.

Action is another striking portion in the game, which is registered in different modes of single-player campaign and PvP combat. To combat, players can build up strategic hero formation to beat down opponents. As shown in the teaser trailer, combat seems turn-based with several heroes in each side dealing damage on opponents in a turn. And heroes differ from one another in attribute, tribe, weapon, role and special attack. For instance, Hero Zodcul belongs to the tribe of Human, wield sword and board, act as heavy melee and possess the special sweeping slash attack; while hero Earror Starseeker is an Elf, a spellcaster who uses magic wand and deals damage by the specialty of fire strike. Predictably, strategy lies at the core of combat.

Tynon is developed by uCool, a Boston-based emerging social game developer with members behind Evony, and will be launched this summer on both web browsers and Facebook. If you happen to like the hybrid elements and be interested in checking how they are blended into a whole piece, you certainly want to keep eyes peeled for its beta and release in the next couple of months. (And July 4, 2012 is displayed without explanation at the official site.)