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  • Release Date: Nov. 2010
  • Publisher: Cmune
  • Developer: Cmune
  • Genre: FPS
  • Official Site

UberStrike is a Unity-powered browser-based FPS set in a modern background. It features the traditional lobby system and provides couples of game modes for players to take on each other or bots. Without a plot or story to spicy up the shooting, it’s all about firing to down enemies, solo or in group.


Adjust views, move around and fire off several bullets. By finishing the basic actions, you arrive at Lv. 2 and gain new items to equip, which then introduces the shop filled with various weapons, gears and customization options. It’s free to play, which also means you need to spend money renting weapons or customization outfits from the store. You can arm with the four weapons in the categories of Melee, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary, and switch them in-between during battles via the number key.

The home page is quite clear with three activities listed there, Play, Shop and Training. If the shooting is still new to you, you can practice alone in the nine training maps to warm up and horn skills against bots. Those training maps offer diversified scenes from indoor warehouse to the open island where players can practice without the stress of having other players around shooting you in the face. But you don’t get any points from training.

Game modes are just basic and limited with three modes available, Death Match, Team Death Match and Team Elimination. To join, you just choose one server and jump into one available map. Battles are solid with fast pace and responsive control; but the camera is little lagging. Via battles, you gain XP based on your kills and achievements to level up and gain access to advanced gears.

Some maps are designed with more complex layout than others that occasionally lack detailed design. On the whole, the graphics are rendered with good visual effects, especially in lighting and palette. But in some settings, you will notice the ill-rendered texture if you get closer.

Overall, UberStrike is just a common shooter with the solid yet basic gameplay.

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