UFO: Alien Attack

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It seems that the Copenhagen-based Pixel Pandemic focuses on creating text-based post-apocalyptic browser games. The team has in its roster the Zombie Pandemic, then the newly announced Radiated Wasteland, and this to-release UFO: Alien Attack, which all carries on the similar characteristics mentioned above.

UFO: Alien Attack has an alien invasion back story safely matching your prediction inspired from the title. Aliens invade the Earth to extinguish human race and loot for resources, and they continue to hunt down survivors in the debris now, who must fight back to stay alive. If you’ve learned a little about Radiated Wasteland, you will effortlessly find the similarity between these two games in the survival theme and more importantly in the following major contents.

UFO: Alien Attack also features tile-based maps, turn-based tactical combat and text-based gameplay. In it, players remain one of the few survivors (only as a leader here), who need to gather survivors in squad, fight against aliens, collect and loot resources to construct safehouses, get or buy better weapons, and customize avatars with different outfits. Being free-to-play, it is implemented of the usual item shop and premium membership.

Although it’s early to conclude whether UFO: Alien Attack is a twin to Radiated Wasteland, since both are unavailable to play now, it’s rather unpromising to stir an interest with conceptually similar gameplay, especially when it’s text-based.