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UFO Online: Fight for Earth is a new browser-based tactical MMO developed by Funatics and published by Gamigo. Heavily tinged with an X-Com sense, it is all about turn-based strategic combats fought by player-led mercenary groups against invading aliens.

Year 2025. Humans are at risk of extinction with tons of problems, and extraterrestrials come to our rescue, so they claim, to help solve them. Yet it only turns out that these aliens are a bigger problem. Seeing through the scheme is not enough. As leaders of resistance force, players need to fight back and find out the real axe the invaders will grind.

External warfare doesn’t put end to the inside conflict. Three factions, American Stability Pact, Central Economic Federation and the Ruling Confederation East, are at war against each other at the same time. So players will not only fight AIs in the PvE campaigns but also take on each other in PvP and RvR. Due to the Unity Engine, all fights are rendered in 3D rather than text-based.

With a small base to start with, players can train medic, sniper, tank and other mercenary classes, and research tech so as to keep those fighters powerfully armed. It is also where the wound is healed. Base is expandable, and an expanded one will greatly boost the combat.

All in all, UFO Online doesn’t seem complicated with few distractive systems. Instead, it focuses on the action-packed, strategic battles. As its first CBT ended on Jan. 17th, it’s further worked on based on testers’ feedbacks and suggestions. Hopefully, it will be better in final version.