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Ultimate Naruto

Ultimate Naruto
  • Release Date: Sept. 23, 2013 (OBT)
  • Publisher:
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Action RPG
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Ultimate Naruto is a new browser-based Action RPG inspired by the popular Naruto anime series. The game recreates the competitive world of Ninja where players can enter the role of their favorite characters in the anime to protect their own village and spread the fame of their own school.

Ultimate Naruto borrows many elements from the original that cover the in-game characters and classes, story episodes, skill designs of each school and the visual presentation and so on. The Naruto fans will get into a familiar world immediately from the very beginning. Players can take up one role from six options categorized in the three classes known as Nin, Gen and Tai. While the initial choice is limited, players will be gradually able to recruit the most powerful like Naruto and Kakashi when they reach specified levels and can interact with many other fighters who give out quests and drive on the storyline.

Ultimate Naruto

The game is designed mainly for casual players and the anime fans with its strong connection with the original works and generally simple gameplay. Questing and combating constitute the bulk in their usual way as in a typical browser game. Players will accept various righteous quests to defend their village or help the person in need, most of which lead to battles.

The battle of the game is turn-based and fully animated. While it is great to involve the common designs such as the battle formation and skill use, it is disappointing when it comes to the strategy and immersion the battle offers. It is because the battle is completely automatic, which means players are left out of the battle process, to speak nothing of the strategic deployment in it. What’s worse, it cannot be skipped unless you are at or above VIP level 6.

Ultimate Naruto provides almost every established element expected in a web game and presents it in the most common way. Players will start with quests, fighting battles against NPCs to earn Exp, gears and team members, and then gradually level up to unlock such features as battle pets, greater skills and PvP-based arena and so on.

The game incorporates the essence of the original drawing style and integrates it with the latest web technologies and established features in a browser game. It is not really an exciting or challenging title for players who look for something hardcore or fresh, but a choice for Naruto fans to have some casual fun being a ninja like their favorite characters and fighting with them together.

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