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Uncharted Waters Online, a popular free-to-play MMORPG themed exploration and naval warfare, will be re-launched by OGPlanet in the fall of 2013 when its previous service draws to an end.

Set in the Age of Exploration, Uncharted Waters Online recreated a vast world back to the 15th century where people ride the waves of exploration to seek for treasure, fame and power. The game features six different nations in competition to become the largest power at the sea. Players can choose one side and start their adventure as an Adventurer, a Merchant or a Soldier to pursue their dream and destiny.

Uncharted Waters Online

Players can find their own paths of development. For those with the wanderlust, you can set sails to search for new islands, lands and towns where you may find distinct structures like craft shops and ship yards to use or you may even plow a land to build your own farm. And for those with martial gene, you can enter your own battlefield, strategically customizing ships and guiding the fleets to fight epic naval battles fought by 200 ships in the maximum. In the game there are a total of 75 different professions players can follow and more than 100 skills to master.

Uncharted Waters Online is developed by Tecmo Koei Games, the creator of the Dynasty Warriors series. When the game is re-launched, players can transfer their current accounts over to the new service and experience the classic gameplay with new updates.

Key Features:

  • 3 starting classes, 75 different professions and over 100 skills
  • Fight epic sea battles with a maximum of 200 ships and emerge victorious with strategy and teamwork
  • Customize authentic historical ships including Hansa Cag, Spanish Carrack, Turkish Galley and more
  • Explore afar to discover unoccupied islands with their own treasures
  • Endless possibility, endless fun

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