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Unification Wars is a tactical multiplayer space battle online game on the web browser. Set in a vast galaxy, the game tasks players with the mission of ruling an empire and unifying al intelligent life for domination!

Unification Wars

In Unification Wars you become the leader of an empire ambitious to gain great power by economical, diplomatic and military means. You will build a base of operations: manage the resources and then the entire economy, recruit and train ministers and generals, conduct researches to unlock more than 60 different technologies, construct mega projects of galactic scale, and construct over 100 ship models that will bring glory to you in the war.

The game features both single-player missions and multiplayer competition. You can wage wars against the various aliens following the storyline or invading your neighbors for resources and fame. If you want more large-scale warfare, you can give play to diplomatic writs, forming space federations and military alliances with strategic partners. Not only can allies reinforce each other in defense, they can also coordinate battles and work out complex plans for bigger cause. With the great variety of ships and reinforcement of alliance, you can try out thousands of strategies in the war.

Explore for new planets, engage in turn-based battles and emerge victoriously with teamwork and strategy. Join the unification wars!

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