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Universal Film Mogul is a movie-themed hidden object game features Universal Picture’s classic films from Back to the Future to Spartacus within decades. It casts you into the role of the head of a new studio in charge of building backlot and recasting Universal classics in your own style while exploring many best know movie scenes in the world.

Universal Film Mogul

Universal Film Mogul is structured fairly conventional blending hidden object scenes with backlot construction. It’s steam-lined to certain extent, as you play scenes to earn coins and EXP, which you use to build your backlot so that you can win studio points, necessary to unlock scenes in turn finally. This is how you progress in the game.

Playing scenes, one of the major elements, fail to make the game different. Find the required hidden items with or without the help of hints, and get scored based on accuracy, time and combo to win Golden Woodys (similar to stars). Above is the classic gameplay, with a Blitz mode accessible when you get 3 Woodys of a scene in the Classic. You will replay a scene many times to get Woody, coins and EXP. And replaying doesn’t bring about any pleasant surprise either: while the scene is in an artistic mess filled by many items, it loses its appeal with the increased time of replay but becomes a pure memory-testing game with naught change.

Unlike many titles of this type, searching for hidden objects is not the bulk of the game, rather an equal, if not less important, part to the backlot construction. There you will accept and finish tons of quests from simple building a certain structure to casting another version of the well-known films. Honestly, this part of gameplay is fun. First of all, in the most time, you just point and click to make jobs done with no animated presentation for a particular action like filming a movie or casting actors. Then, most missions take long time to finish if without spending hard money. And finally, you are faced with the usual crossroad: friends or energy/hard currency. In terms of building materials, you will have to spend some real money even if you have friends; otherwise, you can only choose to leave some buildings unfinished.

Universal Film Mogul has a good, unusual idea to feature classic films to be playing scenes. But that doesn’t make a game. The game pace, premium model and the game balance all need further improvement to make it worthy recommendation.

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