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Velvet Sundown is an original multiplayer interactive game created by Helsinki-based Tribe Studios. It is a unique Dramagam, an online platform for role-playing and social interaction in a goal-driven environment.

Velvet Sundown

Unlike casual social experience, Velvet Sundown stands out with its dramatic setup and player-driven storytelling. It designs different scenarios and casts players randomly into different characters with special background, personality and purposes in stories. Every scenario has its general storyline but leaves the rest for players to create.

Players in a scenario can fool around and interact with other roles based on their character design. Players have their own motives being in a story and need to interact with others to achieve their purposes. They will improvise lines and use available items like business cards, passports and even make-believe things to o make their own drama and add twists to it.

Every scenario last for around 45 minutes and when the timer runs out players be led to a debrief room sharing ideas about their story. Playing a scenario requires at least 4 players. And more players’ engagement increases the odds of making a story big and enjoyable. To enter a scenario, players may have to wait a while in the queue. Once four players join a story it counts down 3 minutes during which other online players can join, too.

Velvet Sundown needs a small download before play.

Note: Currently, Velvet Sundown is in closed beta phase. It is offering two scenarios for testers. And the creators are working hard to polish the content, add more scenarios and further improve the service by bringing in more features like the private games among friends.