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Venus Rising

Venus Rising
  • Release Date: TBA
  • Publisher: Foxysoft
  • Developer: Foxysoft
  • Genre: Adult MMORPG
  • Official Site

Venus Rising is an upcoming adult MMORPG from Foxysoft. Previously known as Orgia Romanus, the current title change is to reflect the evolution of the game and meanwhile more closely connect to the in-game lore.

Venus Rising

Venus Rising takes place in the Roman island of Venusia where players are entering the world to only be involved in endless chaos between Venus and warring gods of Mars, Pluto and Minerva. Fight for Venus in retaliation, or join the warring gods in the defiling of Venusia. Against the lore, the game features rich role-playing element, innovative adult content and a balance of combat, quests and character development.


  • Customize your characters with wide variety of cosmetic styles
  • Select from three distinct classes: Soldier, Politician and Merchant, to follow different paths
  • Choose secondary classes based on the main path
  • Jump into a series of different combat from PvP to larger scale of legion wars
  • Craft powerful items, run a store to sell your products, and trade with other players
  • Take a rich variety of quests to level up: class-related quest arc, general quests and side quests for everyone, and player-generated tasks
  • Build and deco your own Roman style house, and group u with friends to create a town
  • Collect treasure and loot in the adventure areas for trade or status
  • Have sex with other players or NPCs in the game
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3 Comments on Venus Rising


  1. Sammy day says:

    want to play venus, cannot find the link to the game it self here?

  2. Kage says:

    the game itself is still in alpha, though i'm hoping to see a release soon



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