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Vikings Gone Wild

Vikings Gone Wild
  • Release Date: Oct. 2013
  • Publisher:
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Strategy
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Vikings Gone Wild is a new free strategy game released this month on Facebook. It pits the wild Vikings against the corps of the undead in a crazy world. Endless wars are fought between the two powers while the belligerent Viking leaders also claim wars against their own kind. Vikings are gone wild; and you can join them for some fun in the madness.

The game is a blend of real-time strategy, base building and tower defense that are threaded in the simple war story. As a Viking chief in it, you will take charge in all three fronts simultaneously to lead your fighting men to victory and prosper your territory. A brief tutorial serves its purpose well, offering necessary commentary-style guidance as you start to build some structures, manage resources and train soldiers, fight first battles and consider the layout of defensive line.

Vikings Gone Wild

Before going to war, you need to spend some time in the base first. Build resource-related buildings to produce and store gold and beers that fuel all other acts, construct and upgrade other functional structures to make the entire base safe and supportive towards war, and recruit and unlock army units that are ready to sacrifice themselves in exchange for resources and prosperity of their land. While time is still the essence in almost every project, be it construction or recruitment, it is great to have the power of Diamond, at least when they are initially free, which you can use to instantly finish construction, upgrading and training.

You don’t have to wait for long to have a squad of soldiers and lead them to battles. Adventure Mode is the first battleground where you conquer one knot after another fighting to place your victorious flag there. In each level, you send your men to an NPC enemy’s base, sabotaging its structures and looting resources. The strategy of the game lies in what soldier types you choose and how many of them you send (because dispatched army never return) based on the enemy base layout and defense.

If you were or are a general who won/wins fame in the Clash of Clans, you don’t need any guidance or warm-up and just transfer that experience directly to this Viking world. The game simply puts the same old battles in another new field with slight and superficial changes in certain aspect. The great similarity is really a big minus.

If it is the first of its kind, Vikings Gone Wild would be a hit without doubt with the fast and tactical battles and vivid graphics and animation. But it is not. There is already the greatly successful Clash of Clans and as a follower it can only harvest from the discounted enthusiasm.

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2 Comments on Vikings Gone Wild


  1. Deeprajit Sarkar says:

    I had a friend Subir Das he was playing this game with name Massftwboss and his guild name is PirateofBay he is a hacker and he is hacking infront of me so i do not like this type of hacking should be done in this game so i want you please check his profile and take any step of hacking.I will be waiting for your reply.I hope you will see this matter and help me

  2. Russell Stoewe says:

    since the upgrade I am unable to load the game on IE. I get a message overprinted onto the game screen that says "Communications [security error event type = "security error" bubbles = false Canceleled = false event base = 2text = "error #2048" Please refresh.

    Refresh does nothing

    I tried using Firefox and the game loaded to the point where it said "game paused" and I could do nothing about it.

    I tried using Chrome and the game loaded with what I assume is the new screen display but is impossible to play because it is really, really, really SLOW.

    I was having no problems with IE before the upgrade



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