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Village Life

Village Life
  • Release Date: Jan. 2013
  • Publisher: Playdemic
  • Developer: Playdemic
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Official Site

Village Life is a brand new social game that tells the classic story of growing a happy village. While the village-building simulation doesn’t sound attractive, Village Life has successively proved with its innovative features that the potential of this type isn’t tapped yet.

Village Life

Village Life is a game of entirety. It immerses you into the gameplay from the opening flash and continues the seamless game without the usual constant pop-ups of NPCs as well as dialogue boxes. All characters in the game are your villagers who actually live in the land and work to make it a better, prettier place. It doesn’t give you an in-game character, but offers the role of an invisible hand that takes control of everything going on in the village.

Led by the flash, you begin to take your leading role, sheltering the couple who lost their home in a great flood and guiding the man to work – fetch water, gather strawberries and help his wife to give birth. In the snowy cold, a shabby hut is enough to help the couple overcome difficulties and settle down in the land. The first family will move and make new friends to grow a bigger community.

Every villager has his/her own needs that show up in the Thought Bubbles overhead. The little girl wants a dance mat for entertainment; the lady is thinking of building a fire to keep away beasts; the man desires for fencing dummy to have some practice; the bachelor is wishing for a date; and even the newborn is dreaming for a baby crèche. Because of these realistic desires, the villagers become live with personalities. And the fact that you can name them strengthens the connection between you and your little figures in the game. You don’t have any abrupt quest line to keep occupied. Instead, the ordinary needs of villagers fill in your agenda.

From picking apples to setting up a yoga mat, you have a long list of tasks to complete. To meet their needs will make villagers happy, which in turn fills up the Shrine to level up unlocking new features and offering various rewards. While it sounds easy to finish most tasks such as picking apples and pears or building a tiny farm house, it simply doesn’t. To build a fencing dummy, for example, requires you to send villagers to gather Pine and craft a Tin Hammer; but before you can craft the Tin Hammer, you need to firstly assign villagers to gather Flint Shards, use them to craft a Flint Pick, collect tins and combine the raw materials with the pick to craft a Tin Hammer. Similarly, it requires a basket, a ladder and a glove before you can send villagers to pick some pears.

In the process, you just assign jobs to your villagers who are the laborers to get the work done. Each working force (adult) has his/her own Energy Bar. Different tasks consume different amounts of energies. And if your villagers are exhausted, you need to give them a break recovering energy over time, or offer them energy portions to recover immediately. Energy portions are initially handed out as level-up rewards but limited to premium purchase after the first several levels. Other level-up rewards also include Gems, the premium currency that can accelerate each task and buy special boosts, and keys to unlock the various items. From level to level, new items will become available; so will new contents. Decorate the Christmas tree, build the ginger bread house, help the wounded deer, explore the fallen tree, and on and on – a series of new tasks will gradually appear in the villagers’ head.

It will be more interesting if you have friends in the game. Your single villagers certainly hope to have some romance in life. Your own village is small with limited population, especially in the beginning. So you need to reach out to others’ – chances are that villagers from your friends’ land may want to have a date with yours. Fall in love, get married and have babies. In this way, your village can grow, too. Besides, you can ask friends for certain material necessary in tasks, which otherwise has to be purchased by Gems in large amount.

Village Life also has other interesting features such as the day-night circle. In a realistic way, your village will see the day dissolve into dusk and into dark, which gradually shifts into dawn again. It doesn’t happen instantly, but goes through a subtle process as if in reality. Above mentioned is only a scratch of the interesting game. If you are a fan of simulation genre, you will delight in the innovative and immersive gameplay in Village Life.

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