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Viper Circle is a newly announced free-to-play hybrid shooter online being developed by Korea-based Neowiz Games that has many hit titles such as Legend of Souls, BLESS and Seven Souls Online etc. under its belt.

Viper Circle

Viper Circle takes place in near future, Year 2027, with a globe suffering from exhaustion of natural resources. Enterprises that own the development rights for natural resources gradually form conglomerates, also known as Superstates overpowering the Gov. and ambitious for greater control. Of all, three major organizations – Pacific Defense System (PDS), Eon Industry Union (EIU) and Dominance – spread their power over the continent in global economy, politics and military, and build mercenary group called “Viper Circle” to complete covert missions delivering fatal blow to one another.

Viper Circle revolves the endless warfare between the three warring factions. It is class-based, with more than 30 different mercenary character classes such as Spec Ops, Ranger,  Heavy Arms and Sharp Shooter (the four revealed in the debut trailer) to choose from, each with full customization options. A hybrid shooter, the game allows players to switch between first-person and third-person perspective.

Viper Circle is announced to enter its first CBT, for five days, on the 28th of March. The sign-up call and the first details are all available on the teaser site in three languages including Korean, English and Chinese. And it’s a good sign for its possible localization to the Western market and to China in the future.