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Voyage to Fantasy is a free and fresh Hidden Object Game by OUAT Entertainment. Built on the model of classic search hunt, the game takes on the established genre with a new level-based twist and a new level of scene diversity.

Voyage to Fantasy creates a lighthearted atmosphere throughout the whole play with a colorful palette and fantasy theme. The game doesn’t sell with the mysterious storyline but goes with a simple and casual fantasy saving mission. As a new recruit to the League of Voyagers, you set sails to save tales and legends fading gradually out of mankind’s memory into the Black Hole. It is not a real story but a mere background or a clue to thread all the levels designed in the diverse maps.

Voyage to Fantasy

The game doesn’t focus on the storytelling but directs energy to the design of scenes. In Voyage to Fantasy there is not the episode-based progression or the build & Play structure; instead, you will find yourself complete hundreds of loosely related levels one after another enjoying the pure fun and challenge of searching for hidden objects in diverse modes.

Around a general fantasy theme, in-game scenes are of a great variety with beautiful presentation of oceans, garden, abstract art, still life and so on. Not only the contents, the artworks is also diversified including such styles as paper-cut, silhouette, cinematic pictures, standard image and more. Along with the vivid presentation of play scenes are the different modes and level objectives, which bring in another layer of variety to the mix.

You will activate and play several different modes as you make progress through levels. There is the standard text-based laundry list style puzzle where you spot a dozen or so items on the beautifully drawn scenes of a specific theme. But that’s not all. In the green missions you have the chance of winning collectibles that can be swapped for rewards such as hints and boosters; and in the collage mode you just need to pick an item out of the random piles each at a time without the distraction of any other items. And in some other levels you may get a timer and a relatively simple scene with less elements but more of the same items appearing in slightly different shape, color or size at different locations.

All levels have their own objective(s) for completion. Score required points with or without the pressure from a timer, find all listed items before the time runs out, create certain number of combos, spot one particular type of items, or complete a combination of any of two tasks above. And more new level goals are stored and will appear with the unfolding maps. Completion of level objectives and accuracy, speed and combos during play decide how many scores you win and how many stars you garner. Not only an indicator of your mastery in a level, stars are also needed to unlock the next map.

With progression you also activate hints and boosters in the game. You have the commonplace hints like magnifying glass and hour glass and you can also get some new items like the lightning that removes one of the items and gives you the points and combos, binoculars that show up to 6 items on the list directly in the scene and Maxi Combo that lets you start off with a combo gauge already at 4.

Once activating any power-up, you have couples of free supplies. And purchase is always a ready option for you to get more of them. In addition to power-up items, lives are another channel for monetization. If you fail a level, for that happens more often at higher levels, you can struggle to turn the table with the premium remediation or start over at the cost of a life. Life bar recovers over time. If you don’t want to wait, you can purchase the life package.

Voyage to Fantasy is fantastic and fresh with its beautiful scene design and diversified gaming modes. With over one hundred levels in the ever expansive maps, it provides a solid and stylish experience for both casual fans and those craving for some challenge.

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