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War Blade Online is a free-to-play browser-based fantasy MMORPG inspired by Greek mythology. It takes place in a chaotic world suffering from the aftermath of the war between the goddess Athena and the king of the Netherworld Hades. Challenged by the Titans, heroes will continue their fights returning peace to the land while embarking on the path to be an immortal.

War Blade

Key Features:

  • Start the adventure as a Warrior, Ranger, Mage or Priest
  • Forge a unique character by combining several build-ups like skills, attributes, Godship, gear, etc.
  • Collect a wide range of equipment, mounts and pets including 12 sets of golden constellation suits as well as wings
  • Engage in action-packed combat for the excitement of hack-n-slash
  • Crawl through instanced dungeons to save imprisoned gods and participate in large scale castle siege or regimental warfare with hundreds of other players
  • Bask in the great graphics featuring real-time 3D motion capture and vivid animations in a Diablo style

War Blade offers two versions, the web and the client. The browser-based game offers convenient accessibility with a small plug-in, and the other provides better graphics. The game is currently in closed beta (in Chinese language), with official release planned soon.