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War Commander

War Commander
  • Release Date: Aug.2011
  • Publisher: Kixeye
  • Developer: Kixeye
  • Genre: RTS
  • Official Site

War Commander is a 2D real-time strategy Facebook game. It is made and published by Kixeye, the same developer behind Backyard Monsters and Battle Pirates. Since its release in August of 2011, it has won over quite a lot of strategic minds with its blending casual and violent elements.


Let’s see it. 2D implies not much expectation room for stunning graphics; the genre of RTS is already explored deep in style of fantasy and warfare. Call me cynical; but what does this real-time strategy war game have for us? Playing is knowing.

Building base, collecting resources, researching tech, training military units and battling against rival bases belonging to NPCs or other players; none of the staples is missed out here. We will find the general gaming mechanics familiar and some turning twists leading to new gaming experience.

Resources fuel building of base and units. Three types of resource are in need, with Oil and Metal necessary for building and Power to drive every action on. We need to build and upgrade resource facilities for higher yield and storage houses to hold extra output for further use. Power seems to run out quickly when we put various activities in full throttle. If we need it badly, we can risk the explosion of the power plant by overdriving it; but it’s better to consider the gain-and-loss here, for we have to consume the other two resources to build new ones.

With sufficient resources and ready structures, military units can roll in to play. Not only is infantry, mechanized units such as tanks and buggies are also available. Barracks to train and academies to upgrade: that is the common practice. Interestingly, we can also see trained units move the way we send them and locate where we point to. As to the mechanized ones, they are built at higher cost (resources, exactly) in war factory and upgraded the same way in tech center. But the investment on them will be paid off when they clear hordes of enemy troops as the first wave in frontline. Also, aircraft is within reach only if we level the commander center to lv.3 and have the airfield ready.

Army ready? Send them where they are for. We can scout/attack the targeted base. Although there is no pre-set rules about NPC-before-real-players, we do have the common sense which lying dog is better to provoke later. Use strategy to win. We scout first, summing up enemies’ base layout and checking out their defensive turrets and strength of troops which should be taken on first. We are lucky to loot resources from weakly-defended bases; but that doesn’t happen often. Most times, we need to relay on tactics: tanks work well to down gun turrets and bunker; speedy units have an edge against mortar tower; tanks-before-infantry is a good formation in many situations; enemy ground units can be lured out of the protective gun turrets with their counterparts to expose vulnerable under the following airstrike. These are just basic strategies that present themselves after several rounds of defeat and victory. Enemy bases are plenty; so are checking strategies. Even at low level, we can try our best; tanks locked yet, we can equip our infantry with relatively heavy powers like rocket launcher and bomber to close in a gun turret and blast it, for instance.

Learning how to attack also gives a hint about how to defend. Try to step into the boots of our enemy and know the best possible way to protect our base. We have sandbag walls, turrets and troops in deploy. It’s pivotal to keep the key structures safe, so it’s better to surround resource buildings with more sandbag walls and make sure turrets have enough power to generate output. Have you ever tried to place gun turrets with mortar tower together? I bet you have.

Personally, I don’t like its dark green palette graphics, but the core gameplay is enjoyable with every standard element with a little fresh tweak. It’s interesting, and sometimes I just forget it’s also click-based.

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1 Comment on War Commander


  1. tony rossi warlord says:

    warcomander is a unfair game my base is a low number and i m getting lots of hi number people atticking me and taking all my deposes i cant get ahead and its a waiste off my money building my way up its not right their in gagnges all attacking everybody in the low base numbers quit playing and save my money i reallly liked the game



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