War of Mercenaries Is Online Now, with 2.5 Million Monthly Active Users Currently

TIME : 27th May 2013 MonAUTHOR : Eleanor

War of Mercenaries is a free-to-play tower defense game on Facebook. No additional download is required to play the game. Featuring a real-time PVP system, game is designed to appeal to all the strategy and MMO fans. As a strategy-driven game with humorous content, War of Mercenaries creates a fun gaming experience where players fight for supremacy over all other players. And this is possible only through building a well-guarded city, sealing an alliance and rushing your opponents one by one.

War of Mercenaries

Getting Started – Strategy Tips

Easy to understand user interface and detailed explanations in the menu help players tho quickly adapt to the game. Players start with a 3-day of protection to build their cities and defensive structures with no external threat. At the beginning of this period, all players are guided through a short tutorial where basic game terms and concepts are explained. After completing the tutorial, players are given various missions to flourish their kingdoms and learn advanced game concepts.

Good defense and powerful attack strategies are the keys to success. A good defense will help you protect your precious resources, while a well-designed attack strategy can enable you to raid loads of resources from your opponents. The crucial factor in building a good defense is a well-planned city. This includes the selection and prioritization of buildings, and also the positioning of defensive structures. City planning can be done manually or using the City Planner. City Planner is an ideal tool for advanced players as you can easily move your buildings and develop the optimal defense strategy by clearly reviewing the defensive structure ranges.

For a successful attack, you need to pick your mercenaries wisely and create a powerful army. You can scout enemy cities before going into battle, develop a proper attack strategy and hire mercenaries accordingly. There are two types of targets you can attack in War of Mercenaries. The first type features bandit clan cities that are vulnerable to attacks from all players. These bandit clans get more powerful with each battle. The second type includes towns built by other players. Since units deployed in battle don’t return back to your base at the end of the attack, your attack strategy should inflict maximum damage and raid maximum resources using the least number of units.

When you open the war screen, you are provided a list of possible targets that are close to your level. This guidance function is designed to create balanced battles amongst players. Additionally, battle logs enable players to look into their attacks and defenses in detail. With this feature, players can review their attacks and defenses, and re-design their strategies accordingly.


There are three types of main units in the game: Worker, Mercenaries and Beasts. As you can expect, worker is a unit performing all building jobs at your base. Moreover, compassionately he appears in pop-up messages to greet and assist you throughout the game. The title of the game takes its name from the 15 fierce mercenaries in the game. To name a few, you have mercenaries such as the Bedouin Brute, Janissary, Persian Hashishin, Ravager, Sneak Peak, Mongolian Gargantuan, Pharaoh Warrior and Hezarfen in your arsenal. Mercenaries are recruited in the Recruitment Chamber at first, and then you hire them in the Hiring Quarters to prepare the units for war. All mercenaries have different attributes to help create havoc in enemy cities. Beasts are among the most powerful units in the game. There are three types of beasts with different traits: Bearwolf, Dragonfly and Mightosour. You are free to pick and use any of them. Beasts require periodic training to reach higher levels and also to maintain their progress.


Wood, Stone, Might and Iron are the primary resource types in the game. Resource buildings are constructed to gather these resources. Resources are stored in resource buildings, City Center and also Stock Piles. You can use resources to build functional, defensive and decorative structures. As a social-driven game, War of Mercenaries also requires you to get certain building parts from your friends to complete the construction of buildings. You can collect such parts from your friends or use Gold to get them with a single click. Having many friends will be advantageous on many facets such as gaining RP, fulfilling part requirements, and collecting resource gifts.

Reconnaissance Points and Gold

There are two in-game currencies in War of Mercenaries: Reconnaissance Points (RP) and Gold. You can gain RP by visiting and helping your friends, and also by selling in-game items you collect. Reconnaissance Points can be used in various speed-up jobs. You can daily collect taxes (or Gold, to be more accurate) from the City Center, but missions you complete will also reward you with Gold. In case of any further need for Gold, you can always use Facebook Credits to buy Gold at any time. Gold can be used in construction jobs, resource purchases, in-game speed-ups and other war-related features.

New features

Lots of new features are on their way to boost the gaming experience and improve reward, alliance and smart attack systems. The game is currently in Open Beta mode on Facebook with close to 2.5 million monthly active players as of March 15. The game is published in 7 languages; Turkish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. You can check out the below link to experience real-time strategy on Facebook, get to the top in the weekly ranking, and become the most powerful ruler! Enjoy!

War of Mercenaries – http://apps.facebook.com/warofmercenaries/


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