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War of Money is a new free-to-play business Simulation game just launched as an open beta on various browsers. The game has combined time and resource management with the proven RPG mechanics such as item crafting, questing and clan, etc. in a unique setting.

War of Money

  • City Building & Resource Management:

Build and upgrade up to 39 businesses, and gain knowledge to unlock quests, skill- and tech trees. Players will construct different buildings, and hire and assign employees to make profits. Different businesses affect reputation, which allows players to define the culture of their empire culture – evil companies make more money but lose employees every day.

  • PvE Questing & Leveling:

Hire managers and dispatch them to missions. Managers are like heroes who will take quests to gain XP and items, level up and learn new skills to serve the company. Upon quests, they will travel worldwide and compete different Bosses that drop items.

  • Competition System (PvP Raiding ):

Competitions are about wining deals. Managers that lose get stress. Once the stress meter reaches 100%, a manager needs to be sent to hospital and treated to recover over a week. Players can also “raid” other players for resources.

  • Items, Shop & Crafting

Equip managers with gadgets, accessories, epic secretaries or fancy vehicles to make them more competitive. Player can also upgrade them in the lab and collect complete sets for extra bonuses and special abilities.

  • Alliances & Social Features:

You can form alliances with up to 20 other players for vital bonuses and exclusive items. alliance ranking acts as stock market – allowing all players to participate in the top players success, or failure.

  • Premium Credits:

Spending credits can be used in all of the major aspects of gameplay, such as speeding up the building process, improving work efficiency, unlocking exclusive quests, reducing travel time or stress level, etc..

  • Viral Player URLs

Every player has his own URL. If outsiders access, they will see a live view on the players company. URLs are always interpreted by content sharing websites – allowing the shared game to be played instantly, without changing the media.

War of Money has just entered Open Beta in this March. It’s fairly playable with the core contents implemented to the current version. Of what’s mentioned above, the crafting, assignments and skill trees are still worked on with a scheduled completion in Q2 of 2013. And more interesting features like Stock Market and Conquer Cities are also on the agenda. Utilizing html5, War of Money is designed for multi-platforms on Mobile, Tablet, Smart TVs and PC.

The war of money starts!

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