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  • Release Date: Feb. 20th, 2013 (OBT)
  • Publisher: MGame
  • Developer: MGame
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Official Site

Warbane: Rise of Drakness is a new fantasy MMORPG with a diverse, exciting combat system. Set in the medieval age, Warbane takes place in an unknown land where two rival nations take arms against each other over an ancient ruins called Primal Gem Piece. With their different purposes to achieve, the people of the world split into two opposing sides pursuing the supposedly great power hidden in the gem. The story of adventure and war begins.


Warbane provides a fair character creation system which includes diversified choices in realm, race, class and appearance. There are three races for each nation and six classes for all fighters. Players can choose to be a frontline Warrior with mastery of various weapons, assassin-styled Thief good at stealthy attack and fatal blows, Wizard excelling at ranged magical assault, supportive Priest with unique healing power and protection of teammates, ranged Hunter expert on bow and traps, or Warlock with its dark magic to cast curses and summon creatures and totems.

The highlight of the game is its diversified combats. Players can follow the story-driven quest chain to have adventure against monsters in the wild and bosses in the dungeon. And that’s only the basic. Players can freely party together to complete challenging missions, follow the different battlefield schedules to participate in expansive wars, or fight for their own nation occupying bases in the 24 vs. 24 wars in Karos Basin. Moreover, players can duel foes, battle in arena and possibly join larger scales of national wars.

In Warbane there are facilitating elements such as trading, mounts, crafting, fishing, tokens and summoning, etc. to make an ever richer gaming experience.

Warbane is first launched in Korea. And its global version has entered Open Beta phase days before. If you love intense action and diversified combats, you can give it a try.

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