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Waren Story

Waren Story
  • Release Date:
  • Publisher: Aeria Games(global)
  • Developer: ALT1 Games
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Official Site

Waren Story is a new free-to-play 3D fantasy MMORPG created by Korea-based ALT1 Games, the developer behind the critically acclaimed Twelve Sky and Twelve Sky 2. Waren Story sees an alliance of human, elf and dwarf rises up to battle against the evil empire of Eugalp, the King of Monsters. To defeat the dark force, players will take up the role of Warrior, Gunner, Archer or Brawler, and embark on the journey of adventure to bring peace to the chaotic land.

Features at a Glance:

  • Intense PvP Warface – Unify your forces, mobilize your army, and obliterate the competition. Rage through fierce battles in ten challenging PvP modes or power up your character with PvE clashes and guild alignments.
  • Riveting Animation – Each new skill offers a blazing power through tactical maneuvers and deadly executions to take down enemies one by one. The very ground will reverberate with the aggressive knock-down force of your fists alone.
  • Intricate (and Deadly) Equipment – Equip yourself with the epic armor of the world’s most formidable heroes, then take up a bloodthirsty blade and set out into the wild plains. Waren Story’s customizable gear is as elegant on you as it is lethal to foes.
  • Dynamic Classes, Extensive Skills – Do you prefer hunting down enemies with a great sword, bow, or your own bare fists? Develop an arsenal of skills and shape yourself into a nimble assailant or fearsome berserker.

Aeria Games has just put out the calls for Waren Story Closed Beta Testing registration. If interested, players can just sign up for this new title.

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