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Warfare is an upcoming social FPS with a near-future modern setting. It is of a triple-A quality yet free-to-play title; it provides the usual PvP competition but also adds the unusual cooperative PvE; and it displays world-class graphics yet doesn’t deny old computers with low configuration. Warfare differs and excels.


Powered by CryEngine 3, Warface presents great visuals and is playable on all types of PC, due to the scalable and optimized architecture of the engine. The high-quality of artwork and high accessibility of gameplay make it stand out, but serve only as icing on the cake, for the fun of gunning is what players seek for.

Selecting one of four customizable classes, players can jump into the fast-paced fights against not only other real players in the classic PvP arenas but also computer-controlled opponents in co-op missions in PvE battlegrounds. PvP fans can all the same get into their favorite modes including classic Deathmatch, standard Bomb Defuse and Territorial Capture, while others pursuing something different can try out the co-op missions.

One striking feature that distinguishes Warfare from other shooters is the very PvE contents. Missions are updated on a daily basis, as daily quests in an MMO, which lead players into varied tasks with specific objective from defending a structure to arriving at a certain extraction point. Not all missions are short-termed and independent of itself. Some missions are seamlessly threaded without cutscenes which enable players to continue another mission as part of a bigger cause. Not only are the frequently updated missions an incentive for players to come back, they also sometimes make of a long-term task to make up for the lack of an immersive story to certain extent.

To go on a mission as a lone wolf is alright is some section of a map, while to draw upon the power of cooperation is necessary and much more fun at some places. When baffled by a bridge blocked by heavy-armored enemy mechs, two or three players can team up to boost over sideway high walls, avoiding bloodshed of head-on conflict and also taking enemies by surprise. Or, if encountering the boss-like enemies, players may need to assign and hold their own role in a battle, some bearing the brunt of fire while others sneaking around in search of the Achilles’ Heels to deal critical hit. And in the co-op missions, all participants will be rewarded with teamwork and personal skills.

As in most shooters, players can get a wide range of weapons or assembling components switchable during battles. And there are a lot of stunts – dashing around, speedy sliding or leaping over low covers – to register a narrow escape or to show off for fun. Surely, in-game store has stored more helpful items to boost players’ performance, from the mine-muted boots to extra sprint time. The next concern is the way of acquiring the advantage-bestowing items. Hopefully, players can gain the best items by playing, as the developers prefer pay-to-pretty over pay-to-win of their title.

Warfare is worth checking out, if it turns out the way its developers promised. Although a launch date for either NA or EU is not confirmed, players if intrigued can sign up for the Closed Beta Test now and reserve a nickname at the official site.