Wild Ones

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Wild Ones is an anime-styled action shooter made by Playdom for platforms of Facebook, Myspace and Google+, besides the official website of Playdom. The player in it role-plays a lovely animal, monkey, dog or rabbit, equipped with hard-core weapons and competing against others in diversified modes. Similar to DDTank in the core gaming mechanics, the title renders the turn-based combat skill-required yet hilarious. Originally, it boasts its own style of system framework. It offers console-styled Practice Room where players can warm-up by fighting with NPC opponents, and Multiplayer Mode that pits four players against each other competing for glory and grades. In-game maps are rich and varied, so are playable combat modes. With six different fighting modes in option, players, in individual or group, can not only score points in Point Match but also struggle to be the only survivor in the Last Standing. Whether it’s in console style or in multiplayer mode, Wild Ones is not a bad choice for players to try a few hands in several simple, entertaining matches.