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Wings of Destiny

Wings of Destiny
  • Release Date: Sept. 2012
  • Publisher: IGG
  • Developer: IGG
  • Genre: Action Role-Playing
  • Official Site

Facebook is in general the first-choice for social game developers and publishers. But now it seems to have developed into a more hybrid platform to accommodate other types of games, such as action RPG targeted at casual gamers which are otherwise played on browsers. Explored a bit, Moonlight Online and Soul of Guardian can be found there. Now, the small niche has one more member, that is, Wings of Destiny.

Wings of Destiny shares many features commonly seen in free browser fantasy MMORPG, especially those from Asia. You will recognize the same mechanics and established pattern almost immediately when you enter the in-game universe. Four usual character classes (Warrior, Hunter, Mage and Priest), auto path-finding, fast progression in the first 20 levels, grinding quest line consisting of message-relay and killing mobs, pets and mounts, auto-combat option, several different ways of enhancing equipment, guild and guild events, dungeons, PK and PvP elements, and great advantage gained from cash shop.

If you ever played Crystal Saga or the more recently Mythic Saga, you will find that you replay what you are very familiar with under a new wrap. You can get the slight differences in systems here and there, which are nonetheless rather insignificant to make little change on the core. The skill system, for instance, reminds you when a new ability unlocked or upgradable, and meanwhile changes into a more pre-set style which doesn’t allow or require you to freely choose among multiple choices to learn or upgrade. Yet, such change doesn’t bring anything fresh or exciting to the conventional gameplay at all.

Wings of Destiny provides almost all elements you experience in other casual action role-playing games, and renders all in a generic manner. An average copycat is it. The grinding, lack of immersive story or interesting quests, lack of purpose and other common fallings are not solved, while the bulk of gameplay follows a too frequently tread path to be attractive. On the whole, it’s a game players can safely pass.

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16 Comments on Wings of Destiny


  1. _unforgiven_ says:

    can you give a code pls GM

  2. eleison says:

    Once you get past the first 20 levels, Wings of Destiny is pretty good. I created an account out of boredom a few nights ago and didn't make it past rank 20 since I didn't like how I didn't need to be at my computer to play it, but just picked it up again last night and have become pretty involved in it (currently sitting at level 36). I wish I'd paid attention to the storyline earlier instead of clicking through "accept" and auto path-finding/fighting the entire time, since it seems very interesting now.

    The number of ways the player can enhance his/her avatar makes for a fun experience, actually – be it enhancing basic abilities of equipment, reforging to try and discover advanced abilities for equipment (and messing around with the strength of those attributes, as well), or creating and mixing souls with more abilities. I think that's what's mainly keeping me interested in the game – the others being the graphics, which make exploring the different locations and hunting for materials enjoyable, and the guild system. The guild's base seems cool as well, but I haven't been able to explore it fully. It'd be really interesting if battles involving the capture of a guild's base are possible.

    I do agree with the rest of your review, though. The quests are especially exhausting, and without a sufficient amount of wing tips for automatic teleportation, the time spent waiting for the avatar to relay messages is better spent enhancing/reforging equipment.

  3. Maltov says:

    Anywhere i can see a list of all items / wepons ?sets ?

  4. supladitobhosz says:

    pleese give me the wings


  5. savior14 says:

    plsz give me sOme items…thank you

  6. savior14 says:

    please give me the wings…thank you

  7. ayodha says:

    pleese give me the wings


    thanks MUCH!

  8. orly merced says:

    plessss give me the wing's thnxs po

  9. lyro decrem says:

    plezzzzz give me 1 wing's thnxxxx po

  10. +K_A_R_L+ says:

    PLZ GIVE a lot of essence II so that may item will +12 plzz

  11. arly says:

    pa help gm kc first char ko na wala lvl 34 na un mage name bodotzzz pki trace po kong ano n ng yari hahay

  12. DocM says:

    Advanced players in this game came lurk at specific locations, near points that are necessary to complete a quest, and can and do kill off weaker players especially noobs, before they can complete the quest, forcing them to waste even more time trying to complete quests when lurkers aren’t around. The targeting system is non existent, so there just is no defense since you can’t even tell who is attacking you until after you’re dead and the game tells you who killed you. Of course, if you revive in the same location, chances are excellent they’ll kill you again and they don’t hesitate to broadcast your location so others can then go to that location and also kill you. It does not take many such players (since they are encouraged by the game itself which does not penalize attacking much lower-level -players). I went to 2 different servers and encountered the same issues. So, you must spend money quickly and early so as to be able to play the game further. Even upon reaching level 50, the level 70 players then proceed to continue their unrestrained termination of your game.

  13. ahirin says:

    can i have wings code plss …. sent it to my email ahirinobing@yahoo.com …thanks and more puwer

  14. adrianronn says:

    pls give a wings adrianronnlopez@yahoo.com..thanks

  15. hans says:

    pls give me some item…



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